Mom Sees Shop Worker Having Dance-Off With Her Daughter In Supermarket And Quickly Gets Out Her Camera

Aug 08, 2020 by apost team

Evallyn, being two years old, could be a handful when her mom Stefanie took her out shopping.

The mom was so grateful then when a shopping center employee named A.J. engaged Evallyn in a dance-off to keep the cute little girl amused. So much so that she captured it all on video. 

Stefanie needed to run to Target to grab some necessary household items but took a pit stop to get the young girl some toys. While playing with dolls and taking a look at the selection, Evallyn remained occupied for a while. But we all know that it doesn't take much to change a child's mood, and the tables soon turned on her mother because, like most children in public, the young girl had just too much energy to contain herself in the store.

Perhaps the trip was taking longer than she expected, but whatever the case, she just couldn’t help herself from becoming restless and wanting to go home immediately!

Thankfully, an employee at the store stepped in at just the right time to help, as reported here by NBC. A.J. saved the day for Evallyn and her mother Stefanie when she decided to get the little girl’s attention and engage her into a dance battle! The two danced together for a short while as her mother was recording the adorable scene. 

Complimenting the little girl, A.J. asked her to keep dancing. The two were smiling and playfully having fun together while the mother watched and became overjoyed. Thankfully, Stefanie decided to share the video online to showcase just how kind employees can be when they see that you’re struggling with an anxious child.

We can all learn a lesson about compassion and kindness from this cute scene. You can watch the video for yourself below. What do you think about Evallyn’s dance-off?