Mom's Shares A Quick Method For Healing Sunburns And Doctors Say It Really Works

Aug 01, 2019 by apost team

Social media offers a lot of health advice and cures that are not always reliable. However, doctors agree with a mom of two who posted her home remedy on how to treat a sunburn. Her method uses something that is easy to find most homes. The woman was just posting to help out her friends and had no idea her post would become so popular.

She told Inside Edition how foamy menthol shaving cream does the trick. The woman said it works in a matter of hours. This is much faster than many other types of treatments. Not only that, but she said that her skin does not peel after a sunburn.

She suggested having someone else apply the shaving cream by spraying into their hands first since it tends to be cold. After about half an hour, the shaving cream can be washed off using lukewarm water. She also suggested doing the same thing again the following day if there is no improvement. 

What Dermatologists Say

One dermatologist pointed out to Inside Edition that the ingredients of shaving cream mean that it makes a good moisturizer. It contains coconut butter, coconut oil or derivatives that can repair skin along with glycerin. The cooling effects of the menthol soothe the burning sensation.

The American Academy of Dermatologists says to treat sunburns with the following: cool baths, moisturizer, Hydrocortisone cream, aspirin or Ibprohphen, and by drinking extra water. Furthermore, shaving cream can cause acne, so people who are prone to skin breakouts may want to avoid this treatment or make sure they don't leave the shaving cream on for very long.

Burns that blister should be treated by a doctor the academy also suggests. Experts also say people should wear sunscreen to protect themselves against burns in the first place. 

Have you tried this remedy or any other home remedies to help with sunburn? Comment and let us know.