Mom Received Threat From Mother-In-Law After Refusing To Let Her Critically Ill Daughter Go On Vacation With Her

Mar 17, 2023 by apost team

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about people not getting along with their in-laws. In fact, most people who get married probably form only two either of these two relationships with their in-laws: the ones who get to be best friends with their in-laws and the others who get to have their greatest nemesis in them. Of course, a person would want to be best friends with their in-laws. But sometimes, some people feel like their in-laws are overstepping in their parenting methods, and it’s perhaps a feeling that should not be invalidated at all. Then again, some in-laws can be too much for some people – and sometimes, the best way to deal with them is to tell them how you feel. That’s exactly what a mom did.

In August 2022, a woman took to Reddit to share her experience with her mother-in-law, who made plans to bring her terminally ill 3-year-old daughter on a trip without telling her first. To top it off, her mother-in-law is bringing her across the country for a week without her and her husband.

“I thought it sounded fun until she said she was taking our toddler with her. Just her, my daughter, and her husband. She did not invite my husband and I,” the mom said.

Of course, she refused to let her child go with her mother-in-law because doctors told her that her daughter probably wouldn’t make it.

In defense of the mom, her child hadn’t been away from her even just for a single night ever since she was born. She feared that her daughter might not survive without being near her knowing she won’t be around without her nurse or even her.

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The mom also revealed that she even made a few suggestions, like if all of them could go on the trip just so she could make it happen for her mother-in-law. Sadly, her mother-in-law said no to all of them.

“I suggested what if we all go for a shorter amount of time. I came up with various suggestions to which all were turned down,” she said.

But the mom made it clear that even though her daughter wasn’t terminally, she still would not allow her to go on a long-distance trip without her.

“I should add that if my daughter was not in hospice I still would not be comfortable with our toddler being across the country for a week alone without her parents,” she remarked.

After she gave her mother-in-law a “solid no,” she received threats from her and told her that she would fight for her rights over her granddaughter.

“She called me a few names and hung up on me. She then called my husband and called me a few names and suggested she would fight for rights before my daughter dies,” the mom said.

The mom went on to explain that her in-laws and own parents live in the same county as them. But unlike her in-laws, her daughter is much closer to her own parents, who she said make an effort to visit them to drop meals, help do the laundry, and offer other things that they can. Her in-laws, on the other hand, do not allow her family to visit them.

“I think my in-laws may be expediting guilt because they haven’t made much of an effort to visit us, see us, or accommodate us. It’s always about what I, their daughter in law can do for them,” she said.

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She also addressed people who said her mother-in-law might be planning to get treatment for her granddaughter. But according to the mom, her mother-in-law plans to bring her daughter to Disney World in Florida.

“My husband and I have taken our child to Disneyland a few times in her life and most recently once. Going for one day was exhausting, and my daughter was spent after the day,” she said.

The mom also admitted that she has been having a hard time trying to keep up with their marriage, as her husband has been siding with his mom on their fiasco. She then became appalled over her husband’s behavior after talking about her daughter’s resting place.

“He wanted her buried with his grandma and where his parents and him will be buried. I wanted her buried at the cemetery my grandparents are buried at and where I plan to be buried at,” she said. “Their main argument was that my daughter carries their last name so she should go there. My argument was my family already has four open plots and I want to make one a double for me to be when my time comes,” she remarked.

A lot of people sided with the woman.

“Nope. Just no. She wants to take your terminally ill daughter across the country for 7 days? And your husband would rather go along with it than tell his mommy no? Has everyone in your life lost their minds? Absolutely not. Your daughter isn’t going anywhere without you. Period,” one person said.

“Tell your husband to get his s&&t together. You don’t take a 3-year-old on hospice on vacation without their parents. My heart breaks for you, I’m so sorry your MIL is adding stress to this situation,” another person said.

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Do you agree with the mom’s decision not to let her terminally ill daughter go on vacation with her mother-in-law? Do you know someone who has experienced the same thing? Let us know what you think, and pass this on to people who might find this story interesting!

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