Mom Performs Dance Routine On Stage When 2-Year-Old Daughter Joins With Dance Of Her Own

Dec 05, 2019

If you have young children you should be able to relate to the story of Bree Hafen who decided to put her dreams of becoming a professional dancer on the backburner when her two kids were born.

Now Bree is taking a second chance at glory with her appearance on the Fox TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance." However, the judges were just as impressed with her adorable children as they were with Mom's dancing.

When she made her first appearance onstage, Bree explained she was appearing with the blessing of her two children, Stella, aged two, and Luke, aged five. Head judge, Nigel Lythgoe seized on the opportunity to get to know the family a little more and asked for the children to head to the stage to take his seat on the judging panel.

Watching the video you will not be able to remain unemotional when the 29-year-old dancer explains she has given up her own dreams of onstage success in favor of caring for her children.

Winning a place in the next round, Bree celebrated onstage with her two children and explained she had been given the confidence to return to the stage and her love of dancing because of the support of her husband and children.

As she was discussing what it meant for her to make her way to the next round of the show, Bree Hafen's daughter kept repeating, "My turn! My turn!" Seeing the two-year-old wanted to perform on the same stage as her mother, Nigel asked for her to be left onstage and cued the music one more time.

Your heart will melt when you see this adorable two-year-old attempting to copy the moves that won her Mom a place in the next round of "So You Think You Can Dance." Stella received a standing ovation for her performance and won the hearts of viewers like you around the world.

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