Mom Of Twins Goes To Police For Help After Having A Hard Time Identifying Her Children

Mar 16, 2023 by apost team

Many people can agree that it’s challenging to raise one kid alone, most especially for first-time parents who are still figuring out how to navigate the life of a parent. But imagine someone giving birth to twins and raising them. Well, it’s literally raising two babies at the same time, so that means the challenge gets doubled in an instant. Once they turn a year or two, they can get playful, which could become exhausting for a parent. Then again, parents can also agree that it’s worth every second of it. At the end of the day, parents know that having kids will always be a blessing. But before one mom could even get there, she already faced a problem – she could not tell her identical twins apart.

In March 2023, a mom from Córdoba, Argentina, named Sofia Rodríguez had a problem with her 2-month-old twins, Valentin and Lorenzo. She was finding it difficult to identify who was who.

Well, the first thing a parent would probably do in that situation is to ask someone close to them for an opinion first or go to their doctor to confirm the identity of their children. If that’s the case, what would you do? Well, for Rodríguez, it’s going directly to the police.

"Tomorrow I have to go to the police to have my twins fingerprinted so they can tell me which one is which," she wrote in Spanish in her tweet. "I won the 'Mother of the Year' award,” she added.

Rodríguez explained that the reason she turned to the police to help identify her children was that they looked slightly different in the photo but said that "in person, they are the same."

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"I never thought I would get them confused — Valentin always (wore) a blue ribbon, but when I realized that it was too small for him, I decided to cut it (off)," Rodríguez told TODAY.

Rodríguez explained that she got confused while changing the onesies of her children, who had just gotten sick then. So, she decided to have their fingerprints – which she said “did not look very defined” – to be taken.

Some people offered her advice, so she wouldn't get her children mixed up.

"With my twin brother we used a bracelet, one on the left (hand) and one on the right,” one person wrote. "Put ink on the sole of the foot and make an impression on a piece of paper and compare it with the sole you have in the documentation," one mom said. “Rename and start from scratch," another person said.

She then turned to the National Registry of Persons, whose representatives went to her home to help them identify the identities of her children.

“Thanks to @renaper_ar who came to our house and with a good predisposition took fingerprints and photos of the babies to give us certificates of their identity. And thanks to them today we know again the identity of our children!” she wrote in Spanish.

Sofia shared proof of them being able to identify their children by sharing videos about the time they were told about the news.

“In the end, we are not such bad parents!” she said.

Several people replied to her tweet, congratulating them for successfully identifying who is who.

“At last! In the end, we have the maternal instinct but it was necessary that they confirm it,” one person said. “Bravo! Now be careful that the father doesn't mix them up,” another person jokingly said.

What can you say about the method by which the mom used to identify her twins? Would you have also done the same? Do you also know someone who has gone through the same experience? Let us know what you think, and pass this on to anyone who might find this story interesting!

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