Mom Just Says, "Go To Bed," And Her Twin Boys Start Bedtime Routine

Dec 06, 2019 by apost team

At less than two-years-old, these twin boys seem like they would be fighting to go to sleep. However, their mom took a video of her boys getting ready for bed and posted it online where everyone can enjoy the adorable antics of these cute little boys.

The video clip starts with the two blonde-haired boys sitting side-by-side on a rug. While they seem to be having a good time playing together, as soon as mom says “go to bed”, both boys jump to their feet and take off down the hall. Their mom wrote on the video she uploaded to the family's youtube page:

"One day I told the Zac & Chris, identical twin brothers, to go to bed and they did it! They just ran to bed and hopped in! I was shocked, and now they do it on a regular basis."

With their sippy cups gripped in their hands, they are giggling as they hurry into their room while mom follows behind. When the boys reach their cribs, it seems like a competition to discover who can climb into the beds the quickest! With giggles still flowing, the boys are obviously having a good time.

When mom says “night, night”, dad steps on the scene to zip the boys into their crib tents. The tents work to provide added protection while keeping out bugs as their mom explains in the description of the video.

The boys lay down in bed with their bottles, pulling their blankets over themselves.

It truly is adorable to see two little boys so well behaved and anxious to obey their mom and get to sleep! Watch the video for yourself and see if these twins don’t put a smile on your face. Pass this article along to someone who would enjoy it or could try this trick at home.