Mom Is Appalled After She Inspects Teen's Room, Other Parents Say It's 'Disgusting'

Jan 20, 2022 by apost team

Many parents would argue that toddlers are the messiest age group when it comes to children. However, one mom of a teenage boy has proof that teenagers can be just as bad. In a video posted on TikTok by dietician Amanda Nighbert, the mom moves her son’s bed to find something horrible lurking underneath.

The video was posted with the caption: "When is the last time you cleaned under your teenager's bed?!!", and it has gone viral on TikTok. Nighbert’s username on the short-form video platform is @amandanighbertrd, and she wrote on the screen in the video, “Pulled my teenage son’s bed away from the wall and found this.” Then she revealed a monstrous pile of garbage from snacks and candy wrappers between the bed and the wall. 

It seems Nighbert’s son was sneaking some treats while she wasn’t looking and hiding the evidence underneath his bed where she wouldn’t find it. In the video, you can see Nighbert’s and her daughter's shocked expressions when they first find the trash. At the end of the footage her son is seen vacuuming up the remnants of the mess, and hopefully he has learned a valuable lesson.

The video has been viewed millions of times and has garnered quite a reaction from TikTok users. Some people agreed that the find is horrible and shocking, while others felt this is normal behavior for a teenage boy. You will have to watch the video and decide for yourself.  Keep reading to hear about more of the reactions from viewers.

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In the video, which has been viewed 17.5 million times, you can see exactly where the teenage boy hid all of the wrappers from his midnight snacks. There is quite a variety of trash in the pile, including soda bottles, bags of chips, lollipops, chocolates, cookies and gummies. One person left a funny comment on the video, writing, “My mom would have buried me in that trash.”

Meanwhile, other parents agreed that the find was “disgusting," but they, too, could relate to the mother’s find. “I am so pleased to see it’s not just my boys that do this even after being constantly told not to eat in their rooms,” another person wrote. Part of the appeal of videos like this is how relatable it is to be a parent with a messy kid. 

Some other viewers did not feel that the pile of garbage was that big of a deal. In fact, they said that trash hoarding was typical behavior for someone who is Nighbert’s son’s age. “This is pretty normal for a teen, especially under a bed. Stuff gets pushed there and forgotten,” wrote one person. 

Another mother shared Nighbert’s struggle. She wrote, “That’s totally my son.” This prompted Nighbert to respond to the comment saying she “feels better” about the find after knowing she is not alone. Nighbert’s son is definitely not the first or last teenager to leave a horrible mess for his mother to find. The best we can all do is laugh at the situation and continue to set a good example.

According to a thread on, there may be many reasons for a teen to be snacking voraciously. An anonymous person came to the forum with the problem of their teenage daughter continuing to snack despite all types of punishment, which included being scolded, being made to pay for what she ate, as well as parents replacing their pantry with healthy foods.

The top answer stated, "In a study for the Journal of the American Dietetic Association (Story, et al), researchers looked at the causes of unhealthy adolescent eating behaviors, and they are many!" Some of the most common reasons are rapid growth, which leads to high caloric and nutritional needs, becoming less physically active, skipping breakfast, a need for acceptance from peers and the convenience of junk food due to a busy family schedule. 

The top comment also added, "Researchers found that restricting what children can eat works in the short term, but in the long term it increases the intake of food, increases eating in the absence of hunger, hampers the ability to self-regulate, causes negative self-evaluation, and contributes to weight gain in 5 to 11-year-olds." 

The research suggested that there are healthy ways to tackle overconsumption of junk food in teens, which include modeling healthy eating, increasing the frequency of family dinners and keeping a variety of nutrient-dense foods on-hand.

Overall, it is not uncommon for teenagers to gorge on junk food now and then, but when parents encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle when it comes to food, children are certainly better off.

What would you do if you found this mess under your son’s bed? Would you film it and put it online? Let us know your opinion, and pass this along to your friends and family with teenagers of their own. 

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