Mom Irks Her Teen Son By Dancing At A Baseball Game

Jan 14, 2020

Most parents don’t even have to try hard to embarrass their kids. For many teenagers, just being around their mom or dad is embarrassing enough. 

Between innings of a San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres baseball match, one mom got up to show off some her moves to a Flo Rida hit, leaving her son cringing. 

How many parents actually have real talent? Maybe they think that the moves they are showing off are amazing, but in reality, their kids are cringing behind their backs. That was definitely the case when I was a teenager! However, looking back on it now, the things my parents did to try and embarrass me were pretty funny.

Of course, it isn’t funny when it is happening to you. 

An unknown mother was spotted on video between innings of the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres, dancing while the dance cam zoomed in on her. She had some seriously good moves! 

The mom was dancing around to “Low” by Flo Rida, a song that reached popularity in 2008. It’s likely she is sitting there with her husband and their two sons. From the cam, you can tell that one son is seriously mortified by his mom’s actions. The boy wearing the blue shirt actually pulled his shirt down over his head as his mother dances. 

It gets worse! The man also began dancing for the live cam. He repeatedly pointed at the teenager to make him feel even more uncomfortable on camera. Rudy Rendon, a Twitter user, was able to record a large portion of the embarrassing dance for the world to see. After releasing it, more than 30,000 people to date have seen it! 

So many people were inspired by the dancing mom, saying that they hoped they could embarrass their kid that badly someday! Some said he should have just rolled with it. Life is just way too short to be embarrassed. Others said they were happy to see a family out having fun, and they were glad she grabbed an opportunity to make the day memorable. 

Another Twitter user was quick to point out that the father was just as funny, saying he was “completely underrated” in the video. One comment summed it up completely, saying that this teenager would probably never go anywhere with his parents ever again! Are you ready to watch this funny video? Check it out below! 

Did you laugh as much as we did, watching this mom embarrass her son? Let us know in the comment section and make sure you show this to your friends and family! They need a laugh, too!