Mom Humorously Changes The Words Of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Jun 10, 2021 by apost team

Menopause can be a stressful and upsetting time for women. Often women look for relief wherever they can get it. There are many healthy ways to deal with challenging situations and one of them is to have a sense of humor about the situation. One woman from New Zealand, Shirley Serban, did just that when she hilariously changed the lyrics to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The song is instantly recognizable for most people and Serban does a great job of changing the lyrics in a way that still matches the original song’s rhyming pattern. She is very candid about the struggles of menopause and you can tell that this creative outlet is a way to help her cope with the frustrations and loss of control over the situation. 

The video was originally posted to YouTube in May 2021 and already has more than three million views. In the video, Serban does incredibly impressive work portraying all of the band members in the way that they appeared in the official Queen music video for the song. Both the original video and Serban’s parody show the four faces of the band members on a black background.

Serban does a great job staying in character, even while singing such hilarious lyrics as “I am a grumpy hot potato, yes I am!” She is clearly a talented performer and lyricist. It is fantastic that the artist has found a healthy outlet to help manage the difficulties of menopause as well as the other topics she parodies in her other videos.

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Serban has a good understanding of what a rhapsody is and how that relates to her version of the song. She writes in the description of her video: “A rhapsody is an epic, episodic, highly emotional work. To be Bohemian is to be socially unconventional. Isn't that combination the perfect description for a woman frustrated by menopause?”

The musical artist dedicated her song to her viewers. “For Queen fans, especially you older queens facing or who have already been through menopause, this parody song is for you,” she wrote in the video’s description. It is wonderful to see Serban representing a group of women that is typically overlooked.

Serban promoted the video on her personal Instagram account. She wrote in the caption of the post, “Not my best look, but do you get the music video reference? This one was fun to make, though not easy with all the harmonies and layering in sound and video. Search for ‘Menopause Rhapsody’ on YouTube to see the video, and enjoy!”

Music has been an outlet for Serban her entire life. “Creating songs to make myself and others smile has been one of my favourite pastimes since I was a child,” she writes in her YouTube channel biography

The biography continued, explaining that Serban began writing her parody songs during the coronavirus lockdown. She writes, “I have been creating and sharing 'relyriced' classic songs, as well as a few originals about current events to help keep myself happy - and I've found that others enjoy them too. The purpose - to educate and bring joy in these dark times. Yes, the pandemic is serious, but yes, we can all do with a bit more joy.”

Did Serban’s parody make you laugh? Were you impressed with her rewritten lyrics? Let us know your opinion, and be sure to send this on to your loved ones living with menopause!

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