Mom Holds Her Premature Baby For The First Time

Caught on camera is the priceless moment when a new mother is first able to hold her baby girl. This video is extra special because the child was born 14 weeks premature.

When 31-year-old Natasha Bjork Johnson from Grimsby, UK, started to go into labor early, she was very upset. The lungs of a baby born prematurely are not usually fully developed. Fortunately, the baby Natasha gave birth to is thriving with the help of a team of doctors and nurses and a breathing apparatus, reports Grimsby Live. In the video below, you can see a nurse handing the tiny baby girl over to her mother so she can hold her for a while.

As the nurse carefully transfers baby Freya to Natasha’s arms, the mother gently embraces her child and clutches her to her chest. The skilled nurse makes sure she rearranges the breathing tube the baby is connected to so it’s not in Natasha’s way.

You can see that the preemie is in a very delicate state, and she is so incredibly tiny. She is so much smaller than a full-term baby, and she looks like a little doll wearing nothing more than a white knitted hat and a diaper. Hopefully, Freya won’t have any of the health problems that are commonly associated with a premature birth.

View the video of this memorable moment and let others get enjoyment out of watching it too, by directing them to it. Let the sweet music playing in the background and the magic of this blissful day fill your heart with happiness.