Mom Has A Brilliant And Inexpensive Laundry Trick Using $1 Mats From Dollar Store

Making your laundry routine, a little easier can be achieved with a few simple mats that you can get at your local dollar store.

Sometimes, you might need to get motivated to wash and dry your clothes. It's not a fun chore, but it's something that must be done so that your family has clothes to wear.

Kathryn is a mom who tries to do chores in her home while spending as little money as possible. Many of the chores she does in her home are fun for her kids as well. All you need for this laundry hack is a roll or tape and a few sink mats.

You'll need about six of the mats that you can usually purchase in a stack from Dollar Tree. Tape three mats together with one mat taped below the one in the middle. Fold one side and the other before folding the bottom mat. This will give you a clean fold for all of your shirts. Put the mats in your drawers to keep shirts separated as well so that it's easier to get what you want to wear for the day out each morning.

Another idea using mats from Dollar Tree is to put them in the base of drawers or in your refrigerator to keep surfaces clean. Storage containers can be kept in your refrigerator to keep all of your snacks, fruits, and vegetables separated. Chopping mats can be used on your shelves in the refrigerator to make sure items don't move around.

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