Mom Goes To The Hairdresser With Long White Hair And Leaves Salon Transformed By Her New Look

Dec 14, 2019 by apost team

Hairdressers see a lot of different people come into their salons – some of them come with a particular style that they want to try to emulate, while others have no idea what they want. Christal is one woman who went into the salon with the simple statement, “Do whatever you want”.

“Do whatever you want” is considered a favorite announcement for hairstylist The Makeover Guy, who is eager to release his personal preferences on the men and women who come into his salon.

For Christal, the decision was simple since she knew that she wanted to donate her long hair to a charity but, at the same time, had no idea what style she wanted next, explains TipHero. Her best option seemed to simply let the stylist choose for her. How glad we are that she did just that!

When Christal first went into the salon, she was sporting long hair that fell down past her shoulders. It was a blonde color and looked a little rough on the ends, indicating that it was definitely time for a trim!

In the video clip, The Makeover Guy simply ties her hair back into a ponytail and then cuts it close to her scalp, releasing it so that it is a short style. The ponytail is going to be donated, while the stylist gets to take over Christal’s remaining hair!

When he finishes, the results are absolutely stunning. Christal’s hair is cut even shorter and curled so that it frames her face. Christal is thrilled with her makeover and appears to be at least 20 years younger than she was at the start of the clip! She is now wearing some trendy clothes that match her new look, and she is giving a little dance as she explains that she now feels “wild and sexy”.

Christal had an amazing transformation that makes us all wish we had the courage to simply tell our stylist to do “whatever they want” with our hair. Watch the video for yourself so that you can appreciate what Christal’s stylist does to her hair.

What do you think of Christal’s new look? Do you know someone who might be able to benefit from a hair makeover? Share the video with your friends so that they can see that letting the stylist do “whatever they want” can be the best decision to make!