Mom Gives Newborn Twin Girls The Names Of Their Brothers Who Passed Away In Car Accident Months Before

Dec 17, 2019 by apost team

Finding names for new babies can be a challenge and middle names make it even more difficult, but one mom in North Dakota was able to come up with the perfect full names for her twin girls.

The two girls were given middles names in honor of their deceased older brothers. The boys had died in a car accident before their mother even discovered that she was pregnant, giving mom Trista Curry the opportunity to name her new daughters after the sons she was missing so much.

The girls are called Isla Camden and Eloise Maxwell, named after 9-year-old Camden and 19-month-old Maxwell who were killed when the car the family was traveling in was hit by a semi-truck. According to Real Fix, the family regularly took the trip from Stephen, Minnesota to Fargo so that they could see their grandmother, but this time the journey ended in tragedy.

Trista explains in an interview with TODAY Parents that naming the newborn twins after her deceased sons is not an attempt to replace her missing boys, but instead a way to honor them. She wants to pour all the love that she has in her heart on these new babies, giving them the affection that Trista used to give their older brothers.

The twins also have an older sister, Avalon, who was injured in the wreck but managed to escape alive with a fractured skull, brain bleed, and fractures to her face. Trista endured a broken arm, broken ribs, and a lacerated liver, reports Real Fix.

When Curry discovered that she was pregnant three months after the wreck, she explained to TODAY Parents that she was angry at first. At the start, she resented the twins that she was carrying, wishing that she instead had her little boys back in her life. She told reporters that she spent a lot of her time feeling sad, confused, and mad.

With the help and support of 3-year-old Avalon, Trista eventually started to warm toward the idea of being pregnant. She assures the public that she fell completely in love with her girls the moment that they were born, and is anxious to share stories about their brothers with them as they grow up.

While losing children is heartbreaking, we are so glad that Trista has these little girls to love with all her heart. Have you known someone who gave birth to a child after losing another? Let us hear about their inspiring story in the comment section below!