Mom Gives Her Daughter A Toy Makeup Set. She Has No Idea It Will Land Her Baby In A Hospital Bed

A mother is warning other parents about the toys they let them play with after her daughter was put in the hospital because of a toy makeup set.

Kylie Cravens purchased her 3 year old daughter, Lydia, a toy makeup set for her to play with. When she applied the makeup, she had a very severe allergic reaction. Kylie shared their story on social media.

An innocent and fun present turned into one of the worst days of their lives.

Kylie thought she would spend the day applying the fun makeup and bonding with her daughter. However, it did not go as planned at all.

As most people would, Kylie assumed that a kid’s makeup set would not be harmful to her daughter. She thought it was non-toxic. She had even bought a similar set for her daughter before, just a different brand. She never thought it was possible for her daughter to react the way she did.

Right, when the makeup was applied, Lydia began developing blisters and her eyes were swollen shut. A rash showed up all over Lydia’s body. Her lips started cracking and became sore.

She was monitored in the hospital after she was taken to the emergency room due to the severity of her reaction.

Even after a few days, Lydia still could not eat due to the sores on her mouth. Ice packs had to be applied to her skin every 30 minutes or so because her skin was burning. After over a week, Lydia was finally able to go home and be discharged.

When Kylie looked at the toy makeup set, she realized what the ingredients were. There were six substances in the makeup that are extremely harmful to anyone who has sensitive skin. There are many different people who could have a similar reaction when using this makeup set.

Kylie shared her and Lydia’s experience on social media to warn others of the dangers of unknown ingredients. She tells everyone to be very careful when buying certain products especially when they are going to be used on children. Looking at the ingredients before hand could make a world of difference to someone with sensitive skin.

Luckily, Lydia made a full recovery from the incident but you can watch the full story in the video below:

What do you think of what happened to Lydia? Do you think the company who made the product is to blame? Let us know your thoughts and opinions.