Mom Gives Birth To 13lb Baby Girl And She Wasn't Even Full Term

Sep 14, 2020 by apost team

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for any family. An Australian newborn has created even more excitement than usual because of the way she made her “big” entrance into the world weighing 13 pounds.

In this story from October 2019, one woman named Emma Millar gave birth to a larger-than-life baby girl called Remi.

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According to The Mirror, Emma Millar gave birth to her daughter, Remi Frances Millar, at Wollongong Hospital just outside of Sydney Australia. She and her husband, Daniel, knew that their newborn daughter would be larger than normal when her 35-week ultrasound calculated that their daughter already weighed almost 9 pounds. That was already heavier than the average full-term newborn weight of 7.27 pounds.

Because Emma had gestational diabetes, she and her husband were told that their baby would be larger than average. When Remi’s two-year-old sister Willow was born, she weighed just over 12 pounds. But because Remi was born two weeks before her due date, her weight was still a bit of a surprise. On average, only about 1 percent of newborns weigh more than 9.92 pounds.

Remi is a happy and healthy baby girl who is described by her mom to The Mirror as resembling a “mini sumo wrestler.” She is being showered with lots of love by her brother and sister. Emma says that Remi drew quite a bit of attention while she was in the hospital’s nursery or when she walked around with her because she was so much larger than the other newborn babies.

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