Mom Gets ‘Pick-Me-Up’ Makeover Two Years After Son’s Passing

Oct 12, 2020 by apost team

Catherine, from South Texas, was on a girls trip in Minnesota with a friend when she visited Christopher Hopkins, aka the Makeover Guy. 

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After losing her son two and a half years prior, she was in need of a pick-me-up to help her be brave and face the world. 

Catherine says that although she is still grieving her son, she is slowly “getting it together.”

When asked what she was expecting out of the makeover, she said she did not like spiked hair and was keen on keeping her hair grey.

After Hopkins is done working his magic, Catherine’s new look is revealed to the camera–and she looks absolutely stunning. 

Her hair is still the same length, although trimmed and cleaned up, and her beautiful silver color is, of course, still there. Her new hairdo is sleeker, shinier, and looks much healthier than before. Her makeup consists of a soft purplish-pink lip color paired with pink eyeshadow and dramatic lashes. 

“I love it, it was a fun day,” Catherine tells the camera. 

What is she planning on doing right after the makeover, you might be wondering? “We’re going out!” she said. 

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