Mom Gets Hospitalized After Suffering From Stroke — Days Later, Her Husband Ends Their Marriage

Nov 08, 2023 by apost team

Life is hard, as there are a lot of challenges that people have to face on a daily basis. It is also unpredictable, as things could happen in an instant without any warnings. 

This is exactly what happened to a woman who suffered from a stroke that turned her world upside down, but that was not the only devastating thing that happened to her during probably the lowest point of her life.

According to an article published by The Sun in August 2017, a woman named Riona Kelly was rushed to the hospital in March 2015. 

At the time, doctors determined that she suffered from a spinal stroke, which possibly stemmed from a car accident 18 months before her hospitalization, that left the lower part of her body paralyzed.

Not only that, but medical experts also told her that she may never use her legs for walking again after the horrific diagnosis.

Five days after she was hospitalized, another devastating thing happened to her as the person who was supposed to be by her side during the lowest point of her life, her husband of 14 years, asked for a divorce. The couple had four children together.

“After my husband left me in hospital, my friend, Sarah, became my next of kin, it was her and the children that supported me during my recovery,” Kelly said

When she was discharged from the hospital, Kelly had to adjust to her new life as she was bound to a wheelchair. Not only that, she also admitted that there was a point where she hated herself. Thankfully, Kelly was able to overcome this dark part of her life.

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She had lost all hope to the point where she preferred to be dead rather than suffer from her health issues. 

“If someone had given me the choice I would have ended my life, I didn’t want to live anymore,” she said

After months of therapy, a miracle happened as Kelly was able to recover and take her first steps with the help of a parallel bar.

Not only that, but she also found a new love of her life, personal trainer and former rugby athlete Keith Mason, whom she met during her recovery process. 

“After our sessions Keith and I stayed in contact, he would ask me how I was getting on and our relationship blossomed from there,” she said

The two kept in touch and their friendship later evolved into a romantic relationship. 

“We have now been together for 11 months, the children really like him and I finally feel like I’m living the life I deserve,” she said at the time of the interview. 

Kelly also made a full recovery as she was able to walk without assistance and go to the gym, and thanks to her newly-found lover, Mason helped her get “better and stronger than ever.”

Unfortunately, it seemed that the couple’s relationship didn’t last because, as of 2023, Kelly appeared to be in a relationship with a man named John Murdoch, and they constantly shared content on social media together.

Regardless, based on her social media profile as of 2022, Kelly appeared to be in good spirits and enjoying life with her children.

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