Mom Finds Busy Hotel Manager Interacting With Her Autistic Son And Writes Message For Boss To See

Managing the Hampton Inn in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, results in Kahlief Hill wearing many hats.

Recently, an interaction with a 13-year-old patron made Hill go beyond his typical responsibilities at work.

Colin, the young lodger, approached the front desk on a Friday night and asked the hotel manager if he would like to see a card trick. This simple question led to the two becoming friends pretty quickly.

For the next half hour, the two of them exchanged magic tricks.

The following evening, Colin once again appeared at the desk and confessed that he had already forgotten one magic trick Kahlief had taught him. Kahlief assured the young boy that he would gladly show him again.

The two once again enjoyed sharing tricks and lively chatter at the front desk area.

After Colin turned in for the night, his mother, Megan, tracked down Hill at his desk and told him that it is not too often that complete strangers treat Colin with such respect and kindness.

Kahlief did not know that the young lad has autism. Part of his method of focussing his brain is learning and performing card tricks. 

Furthermore, Colin had lost his father a few years prior, and has been on a waiting list to secure a male mentor from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for two years. Living with only his sister and mom, Colin has missed male interaction ever since his dad’s passing.

Kahlief could have easily turned the boy away when he wanted to share magic tricks, but he did not. He gave the child the sum of his attention, making him feel wholly appreciated and liked.

This impacted Megan so much that she posted about it on Facebook, and her words about the random act of kindness went viral. Kahlief woke to hundreds of new friend requests from people from all over the world, and his manager, Jason Gabany, learned of his employee’s thoughtfulness as well.

Sometimes, people are presented with an opportunity to make a child’s day and usually enjoy themselves in the process as well. When was the last time you brightened someone’s day? Would Colin’s story inspire those in your inner circle to do something special for someone, even if you don't know her or him very well?