Mom Confused About Reason She Was Constantly Worn Out — Until Hidden Camera Offered Explanation

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

If you’re a parent, you know just how difficult it can be. Even if you wouldn’t change it for the world, it’s one of the hardest jobs that someone can ever sign up to have.

In this video from 2018, one mother named Melanie Darnell took it upon herself to videotape her sleepless nights in order to find out why she was so tired during the day—and her young children and baby seem to have something to do with it!

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Parents have to be able to take on many different titles. In one moment, you might be a doctor, taking care of your child’s wounds. The next moment, you have to be a chef, crafting meals to please all of your children.

You’re considered a superhero when you’re a parent.

Taking on parenthood means sacrificing sleep and replacing it with caffeine instead. One night while this mother tried to sleep, she found out just how hard parenting can be.

An exhausted mother, named Melanie Darnell, wanted to show the world how tiring parenthood can be, so she put a camera up in her bedroom. She wanted to spread awareness of how one night can be when you have to take care of three young children. If you ever have moments of exhaustion, Melanie shows you that you’re not alone!

The video begins normally, with the mother resting comfortably in her bed. Over an hour later, she is shown returning to the bedroom with a baby in her arms. Her youngest child loves cuddling but is restless. Melanie can relax him enough to get him to sleep for a short while, but throughout the night, he is constantly changing positions and actively moving around.

And then you hear crying. All parents know what this type of cry means and would do anything to soothe their child. Melanie’s toddler may have had a nightmare and just needs her mother, so the two are shown cuddling up while the baby lies next to them.

When the toddler becomes relaxed again, he returns to his own side of the bed. Melanie first has to align the pillow in a safe way for the baby to lie on. While it seems like there’s smooth sailing for a little while, the baby then decides it’s time to wake mommy up by touching her face!

Melanie’s patience is evident throughout the video as she keeps her composure and remains calm. You’ll never catch this mother becoming frustrated and upset. When the video comes to an end, the children are all having fun and playing while Melanie herself indulges in a strong cup of coffee. She never stops smiling throughout the frustration and demonstrates the model example of how patient and loving all moms should be.

Melanie’s time-lapse of her sleepless night proves that raising the next generation is not the easiest job in the world, but she does so with poise and grace. The adorable video below shows that motherhood might be difficult, but patience pays off. Can you relate to Melanie’s sleepless night?

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