Mom Decides To Become 1950s-Style Traditional Housewife, Believes Women Should Stay At Home

Jan 24, 2023 by apost team

Back in the day, women with families were told to stay at home and become housewives. Their roles as women were limited to taking care of their children and tending to household chores.

But times have changed – and nowadays, women are able to find a sense of self-worth, make their own choices and gain power and control over their own lives. With the rise of movements fighting for women’s rights, women around the world have felt more empowered to break societal norms. Women have even begun to take over some jobs that were exclusively for men back in the day. Talk about the female world leaders around the globe who are doing a great job at leading their respective nations.

But again, women's empowerment is all about giving women the freedom to make their own choices. And while some might not agree with it, one woman made the choice to live a 1950s-style life. And when we say the 1950s, we mean she chose to quit corporate life and become a traditional wife. But she has a perfectly good reason why.

In January 2023, 29-year-old Alexia Delarosa from San Diego, California, revealed that she joined a movement called “tradwives” or the shortened version of “traditional wives” – and it’s a growing movement. The main goal is to promote old-fashioned women’s stereotypes, particularly doing household chores like cooking, cleaning and looking after one's children while their husband goes out to work.

However, Delarosa doesn’t do it for herself but for her kids. She explained that growing up, her mom wasn’t there to take care of her. So, she tried to adopt a homemaker mindset and be there for her children.

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“My mom worked and she also enjoyed time outside of our family home with friends. I have always wanted a more traditional model for my family,” she told the Daily Mail in an interview. “I loved the idea of a 50's style family life, where the wife stays home to look after her husband and kids, and the husband goes out to work full time,” she added.

While some people might see being a stay-at-home mom in a negative light, Delarosa said she finds it rather romantic.

“I remember watching films where the women would stay home to cook and clean for their husbands, and I thought it was a romantic and sweet life. It really resonated with me,” she said.

But it wasn’t just purely a decision Delarosa made on her own. She and her husband, Matthew, talked about it, and they both decided that it was best for her to look after their kids while the former take care of their finances. 

At first, Delarosa worked part-time at home, pursuing a baking business. But when they welcomed their second child, they decided that she would focus on their life instead.

Delarosa said she often receives negative comments about her decision, with some even saying that it isn’t a real job.  

“Some people even tell me that I am turning the clock back 50 years. However, I don't let it bother me because I know that the job I am doing is invaluable and it would be so expensive if we were to pay someone else to fulfill this role while I went out to work,” she said.

For Delarosa, it is important for her to be there for her children every step of the way. “I couldn't imagine our family any other way,” she remarked.

What can you say about the mom’s decision to become a “tradwife” or traditional wife? Let us know what you think, and pass this on to your family and friends!

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