Mom Creates Cinderella Costume With Glass Arm For Powerful Photoshoot

While she was growing up, Mandy Pursley didn’t have many people around who looked like her. The one role model she did have to look up to was baseball player Jim Abbott, the only amputee she had ever seen on tv.

Mandy, who lives with her daughter, Cayleigh, 8, and her husband Ryan in Oceanside, California was born without her right arm. She had always loved princess stories but she felt like something was missing.

She dreamed up a photoshoot recently that hoped that would change for others. The inspiration came from when her daughter was studying Cinderella at her school, wrote Mandy on Facebook. There were many different adaptations but none of them looked like Mandy. She then thought of the idea to trade out Cinderella’s famous slippers for a glass arm.

Mandy enjoys cosplay in her free time when she’s not doing graphic design work. She knew she could bring this idea to life. She teamed up with Kelly Anderson, a photographer, to create her dream. The images she took are now going viral.

It took some time with making the Cinderella dress and Prince Charming’s costume. The dress alone took over 60 hours to create reports KBPS. The glass arm still needed to be complete and Mandy had no idea how she was going to get it done. She wasn’t a sculptor.

She was then introduced to Gilbert Lozano, a sculptor. He was excited about the project. He created a clear resin arm with the help of Mandy’s prosthetist so he could make it wearable.

With the outfits complete, it was time to do the photo shoot. Mandy’s husband, Ryan, was Prince Charming. In the pictures, Ryan is chasing after her with her lost glass arm. The photos are incredible and inspiring. They have been shared 28,000 times already.

Mandy is amazed by the response to her photos. She never imagined the reaction she got. She hopes the photos will continue to be shared to show that you don’t have to wait for someone else to tell your story.  What do you think about them? Tell us in the comments.