Mom Craves ‘Quiet’ On Mother’s Day & Requests To Spend It Without Her Kids

May 14, 2022 by apost team

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day for children, spouses, friends and relatives to show just how much they appreciate all of the mothers in their lives. A typical mother’s day for most moms probably involves them spending time with their child or children, as well as their partner. They most likely also visit their own mom if they are able to, or spend time speaking with their friends and relatives who are also mothers.

Many people like to show their appreciation for the moms in the world by sending them gifts like flowers, cards, chocolates or jewelry. However, it’s really up to each family to figure out what is the best way to show the mom of the house that she is cared for.

One mother went to Reddit on May 4, 2022, to talk about her perfect Mother’s Day plan and ask the internet if the way she wanted to spend the day was wrong. She explained that all she wanted for her special day was some peace and quiet, which would essentially require a miracle since she has elementary school-aged kids. However, her husband said he would help out by taking the kids, meaning she would get some alone time on Mother’s Day.

Many people in their families have questioned the mom about why she would want to spend such an important day relating to her being a mother to her kids without any of her children. Although the mom is standing by her initial plans, she wanted to know what others thought and if she was really as horrible as everyone was making her out to be.

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Starting off her Reddit post, the original poster (OP) asked, “AITA for wanting to be without my children on Mother’s Day?” She explained that she’s in her 40s and all of her kids are in elementary school, so they are still quite young and energetic. OP and her husband have a great relationship and are typically good at splitting up their responsibilities.

“But. I’m TIRED,” OP admitted. “And crave QUIET.” Since she is the one who drops the kids off at school and every morning and helps them get ready, she’s gotten accustomed to their rarely “cheerful” mornings and instead mornings filled with “screaming and crying.”

She also mentioned that she has to talk to people most of the time she’s at work. And although her weekends are usually relaxed, she still rarely gets alone time. So, her husband decided that he would take the kids the Friday before Mother’s Day to go to visit family, and would come back on Mother’s Day afternoon. 

“I love this idea as it gives me TWO mornings to sleep in and an entire full day to myself,” OP said. However, not everyone else agreed with this plan. OP explained:

“Well – to hear others’ reactions – the fact that I will wake up Sunday morning to a quiet house obviously means I am a horrible person and really don’t love my kids at all. I mean, (gasp!) what MOTHER doesn’t want to spend Mother’s Day with her CHILDREN! Hi, yes, that would be me. Someone even told my husband he was the a****** for making Mother’s Day about him and his family (who I love btw).”

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Although OP revealed that she would be carrying on her plan regardless of what anyone else thought, she wanted to know what Redditors had to say about the situation and if she was really such a bad person for wanting to spend part of Mother’s Day away from her kids.

Fortunately for her, the majority of Reddit users said that it was perfectly fine to want some alone time on the holiday – and many of them even envied the special day her husband helped arrange!

One user commented, “As a mom of three I can say that this sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day!” Another user said, “In my house, Mother’s Day and my birthday are two days where no one can require anything of me. Standing rule. No one challenge the queen!” 

A third user replied, “Your husband offered you a lovely and thoughtful gift of two mornings to sleep and care for yourself. There is nothing wrong with needing alone time.” Another person said, “Your husband is fantastic for suggesting it! You enjoy sleeping in and relishing the quiet!”

OP was blown away by the positive comments to say the least, especially the ones about how considerate her husband was for planning such a great weekend for her. She explained:

“Take this as a hint – make a point to give your spouse some time to themselves. You will get mega bonus points. Most people relish if not the quiet, just lack of obligations. Plan an outing away from the house for your kids for a whole day – or start with just a few hours.”

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What do you think about this mom’s plan to celebrate Mother’s Day without her kids? What does your idea of a perfect day look like? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your loved ones.

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