Mom Asks Husky About A Stolen Shoe, Films His Comical Response

Aug 08, 2018 by apost team

Have you ever looked for something for hours on end with no luck? You assume that someone else just has to know where it is. You know that no one came into your home and stole it, and you also know that it didn’t move on its own. That means someone else in your house has to know about it, right?

But what if the only one you can ask is a dog?

One woman woke up to discover that one of her best workout shoes had gone missing. The only other person in her house was Azlan, her husky. No one else could have taken it. Since she always put her shoes in the same place when she takes them off, and it was now missing, it had to be the dog.

We all know that dogs love to chew on shoes. But would one actually go through the trouble of hiding a missing shoe? She decided the best course of action would be to confront Azlan and ask him what he knew.

She also decided it would be a good idea to record his response with her cell phone.

She knew that her dog had to be guilty of the crime, but she really wanted him to admit to it. He wasn’t the best at hiding his guilt, but he also had no intentions of admitting it, either. His owner told him that she knew he had stolen the shoe and to go pick it up and return it.

Azlan looks down at the other workout shoe beside him without a sound. He seems to play dumb for a minute. Then he decides that it isn’t worth getting into more trouble. This isn’t the first time he has stolen her shoes, and it usually never ends well for him.

Lucky for him, he hasn’t damaged the shoe in any way. It is still in the same condition it was in when his mom set them down. He doesn’t get into trouble and his mom gets both of her shoes back for the gym.

Azlan only seems to want to argue with his mom. How can you even get mad at this adorable boy? We’re sure it can be tough for his mom to stay mad at him, especially with how cute he sounds when he talks back!

Watch this good boy argue over a stolen shoe and then bring it back to his owner below.

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