Mom Asks Dog To ‘Bark Softly’- What He Does Next Has The Internet Cracking Up

It’s hard not to love dogs. They’re zany, intelligent, and super loving companions. Dogs would do absolutely anything to please their owner, even if it means barking so quietly that it’s a whisper. Luckily for us, the internet is packed with adorable videos of dogs living their best life, including this Shiba Inu whose mom requests that he barks more softly. You have to hear how he responds!

Shiba Inus are extremely intelligent dogs, but they can be tough to train since they have an independence to them similar to cats. If you can convince a Shiba that performing tricks is rewarding, then they are fast learners.

This cute boy is so eager to please his mom that his manners will make every dog owner wish that their dog is just as well-behaved. In the video, his mom asks him to bark more quietly. Most dogs can bark everyone’s ears off if they see anything unusual outside, even when there is no threat to the home. Has your dog ever barked for 5 minutes because they saw a suspicious leaf blowing across your sidewalk?

Unlike most dogs, this good boy is happy to accommodate his mom’s wishes. He turns his volume down just a bit and gives her an adorable, inquisitive look. If dogs could talk, then this one would have asked his mom if he was being quiet enough. Unfortunately, mom still wasn’t happy with his volume, and asked him again to bark softer.

By the end of this endearing video, this Shiba barks so softly that it sounds like a whisper!

You probably haven’t heard anything like it before! This dog definitely wouldn’t have any problems sneaking into a library! Be sure to check out this amazing dog below!

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