'2019's Most Beautiful Person' Title Awarded To Actress Jennifer Garner

Jan 13, 2020

People Magazine named actress Jennifer Garner the "Most Beautiful Person" of 2019, but it wasn't based on sheer physical perfection. While the 47-year-old mom is obviously stunning, the publication has given other reasons for their decision to recognize the movie star.

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Aside from her fame as a film star, Jennifer is a successful entrepreneur, having founded an organic baby food company called Once Upon a Farm. She also engages in philanthropy, and she has been appointed an artist ambassador for Save the Children.

On top of all that, she also manages to raise three children ages 7, 11 and 14 along with some help with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, as reported in the interview here at People magazine. 


Garner told interviewers that she has gained new appreciation for the role of parent when she realized this phase in life is short-lived. She acknowledges that her life will change substantially when her kids are grown up.

She also mentioned that her childhood as an unremarkable girl who wasn't exceedingly noticed for her beauty made her a more down-to-earth person and a better parent. She never considered herself one of the pretty girls in school, and she describes her childhood personality as a "band geek."

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Garner has striven to use her celebrity status to make a meaningful impact on the world, and she especially cares about the needs of children who are in disadvantaged circumstances.

In her work with Save the Children, Garner helps provide the kids with better health services, improved educational opportunities, aid in natural disasters, war and other dire circumstances.

She recently made a trip to New Mexico to visit a newly-opened Save the Children center that is helping migrant families that have been recently released from border detention facilities.

Garner confided that her children prefer to see her as a mom rather than a glamorous movie star. Sometimes her kids request that she dress more casual and wear less makeup.

Jennifer says that her kids like it when she looks like a mom rather than a ravishing beauty. She says that she likes having people around who keep her from developing an inflated ego.

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She also has not allowed the highly publicized divorce from Ben Affleck to affect her efforts to raise their kids. The family still gets together on special occasions.

Inner beauty is more important than outer perfection, and Jennifer has demonstrated in many ways that she is a person of wonderful character and a great parent.

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