Mistaken As Mother And Daughter, Rare Identical Twins Born With Different Body Sizes

Dec 18, 2019 by apost team

Getting one baby is exciting, but getting two could even be better. Back in December of 1998, Chrissy Bernal was preparing to meet her baby within the following three weeks when doctors told the expectant mother she was pregnant with not one, but two babies.

While Chrissy had been undergoing ultrasounds throughout her pregnancy, one of the two identical girls was so much smaller than the other that the scans had been unable to detect her existence. While Sierra was set to be a normal size, her twin sister Sienna suffered from primordial dwarfism.

The girls were born at only 34 weeks. While Sierra took the early birth in stride, appearing to be healthy and within normal size-range, tiny Sienna weighed in at little more than a pound and looked more like a doll than an actual baby, reports The Daily Mail.


Chrissy could take off her wedding ring and slid it up the arm of her tiny baby, the same site mentioned. With her small size, doctors gave Sienna only one day to live with an only one-in-ten chance of being more than a vegetable if she made it out of the hospital alive.

Although facing such unlikely odds, the tiny baby fought for her life and managed to survive not only her first days but is now looking forward to celebrating her 21st birthday with her twin sister at her side.

The two girls are twins and look very much alike; however, their size different makes it seem more like they should be mother and daughter with Sierra being a foot taller and weighing twice as much as Sienna. Strangers often mistake them for being a parent and her child, or two sisters with a big age difference between them. Their difference in size confuses people so much that, even after being told they are twins, people continue to ask how much older Sierra is, they told Barcroft TV.

With fantastic attitudes, the two girls remain great friends and laugh about the confusion that people have when they find out that they are twins. 

Watch the video for yourself to find out more about Sierra and Sienna and their journey. Did you know that identical twins could have such a difference in size? Let us hear about twins you know that are incredibly different, and invite your friends to read the story about these amazing girls!