Mischievous Cat Disrupts Live Orchestra Concert To Steal The Show

Jan 25, 2021 by apost team

When you go to a live musical performance, you expect to see dramatic entertainment and amazing talent. However, the whole tone of an event could change if an unexpected feline visitor arrives.

One of the CCR Symphony Orchestra's 2020 concerts in Istanbul, Turkey, included a delightful surprise for everyone involved. Musicians and audience members alike were astonished by the presence of none other than a mysterious stray cat on stage.

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In this equally hilarious and charming video, an adorable calico at first appears to be waiting for the concert to begin. The cat initially seems unbothered and aloof, as cats often are. However, it quickly notices the arrival of the orchestra members as they make their way to their designated chairs. Almost instantly, the mischievous four-legged visitor picks itself up to investigate, making a humorous beeline toward the new arrivals.


The Cat Attempts To Steal The Spotlight

First, the cat makes its way to the bass section, rubbing against instruments and chairs in a sly attempt to earn some attention. Unfortunately, it seems the instruments are so large that they block the cat from view. As a result, the bassists do not even notice the cat at first! That does not discourage this calico, though. It remains determined even after its first attempts to garner some attention fail.

Undeterred, it decides to double back to the cellos to try its luck with one of the female musicians. Much like the bassist, though, the cellist seems to be busy preparing for her performance and the cat goes ignored again! When the cellist does not immediately notice the cat this time, however, the furry friend loses its patience. To everyone's surprise, it begins taking it out on her long skirt! It dramatically swipes at the cloth, smacking at her legs without shame.

These antics seem to finally work, of course. The cellist is forced to stop what she is doing to pay attention to the cat. Despite being shocked at first, the cellist chuckles in good humor. Though she first shoos the cat away instinctively, she then quickly reaches out to pet it. This also earns the cat a roar of laughter and a round of enthusiastic applause from the audience.

We can't help but think this naughty feline looks rather pleased with itself as it turns to acknowledge the chorus of "aww"s it receives from the audience. Perhaps that is what it was searching for all along?

Attempts To Capture The Cat Fail

Weaving through the chairs, the bold feline carries on to the other side of the stage. It has more luck over here. A handful of the violinists gush over the cat and even offer pets as it paces around their chairs. After the cat garners some attention from a number of the musicians, one gentleman manages to pick it up for just a moment. The cat quickly squirms its way out of his grasp, though, looking awfully offended at being handled in such a way!

As the cat continues to rub against the chairs, a new male violinist sneaks up behind the cat in an attempt to capture it. Unsurprisingly at this point, the calico is having none of that! It nimbly scoots away from the man repeatedly, batting at him with its paws whenever he gets too close. The ensuing game of chase is enough to brighten anyone's day.

The audience eats this up as well, amused by the failed efforts to remove the cat. Instead of being upset by the cat's continued presence, the crowd only laughs at it and applaud its nonchalant, unbothered attitude!

The violinist runs after the cat around the stage for a little while, much to the audience's delight. Despite his efforts, the musician's efforts ultimately fail, proving the cat is too agile to be caught so easily.

A Grand Feline Finale

Clearly a natural-born star, the cat's final grand move is to hop straight up onto the conductor's podium. This delights everyone watching and even the conductor himself! Now center stage, the cat definitely seems to have found a place where it truly belongs.

In good stride, the conductor chuckles and admits that this is not the first time a cat has joined their orchestra. In fact, he claims he tried removing a cat earlier just that morning! As proof, he brandishes a bandaged hand, explaining how he was scratched by the previous cat for his efforts. The conductor does not dare try to remove the calico, who continues to pace back and forth along the podium confidently and obliviously.

Before beginning the concert, the conductor genuinely asks the audience if anyone in the house is allergic to cats. When no one answers, everyone seems to agree that the cat, though perhaps a bit of an attention hog, is not bothering anyone.

It can officially stay to enjoy the music along with everyone else. Not only does the cat remain for the rest of the performance, it manages to snag a better seat than anyone else could ever dream of: right on stage with its new musician friends.

Content, the cat curls up to face the audience as the concert begins, but then curiously turns around to listen to the beautiful music swelling behind it. We can only hope that this charming cat enjoyed the orchestra as much as everyone else loved the show it inadvertently put on for us.

It is clear that this little cat stole the entire show and the audience's hearts. After all, it received several heartfelt applauses before a single note could even be played. Who could ever imagine being upstaged by a random cat at your own show? Then again, it is likely much better to be intruded upon by a cute feline than be interrupted by the typical phone ringing.

You can watch the entire video yourself and see all the lovable kitty antics for yourself. How do you think you would react to seeing a cat attending a concert in this manner? If this brought a smile to your face today, be sure to pass that positivity on to all the cat lovers in your life who would also love this adorable video.

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