Miracle Boy Beats Cancer And Survives Kidney Failure At Only 9-Years-Old

May 20, 2019 by apost team

A 9-year-old South Carolina boy is living proof that miracles happen every day.

Cashlin has been through more at his age than any child should ever have to go through. He was born with a genetic condition that affected his heart. 

At only two years old, he had to undergo heart transplant surgery. 

The surgery was a success. For the next few years, Cashlin lived a normal, healthy, and happy life. He enjoyed playing his favorite sport - baseball - and video games.


Then his family got devastating news. When Cashlin was seven, doctors diagnosed him with cancer.

This isn't uncommon for heart transplant recipients.

One study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that more than 10 percent of people who undergo the procedure develop cancer later.

In most cases, it's skin cancer. In Cashlin's case, it was leukemia. Typically, this is treated with chemotherapy, but because of his transplant, that wasn't an option for Cashlin. It would be too hard on his heart.

Things got even worse when his kidneys began to fail. Though the situation seemed dire, Cashlin's mother never stopped believing and praying that her son would be okay.

As for Cashlin, he never stopped fighting.

Neither did his medical team. He had three specialists working to make him healthy again: an oncologist, a heart specialist, and a kidney doctor.

When his oncologist, Dr. Javier Oesterheld, learned about a new treatment, he decided to take a chance.

Cashlin was the first patient at Levine Children's Hospital to be treated with brentuximab. Almost immediately after beginning treatment, he started to improve.

Dr. Oesterheld called him a miracle. Cashlin's mother agrees, and it's difficult to argue with them!

Despite everything he's been through, Cashlin is back to being a normal kid. He still plays baseball, and he's doing better than ever.

You can watch his story in the video below:

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