Miniature Horse Born With Bad Legs Gifted Wheelchair And Now Zooms Around Unstoppable

Sep 07, 2022 by apost team

Established in 2020, the Road to Refuge animal sanctuary is a 10-acre non-profit charitable organization "dedicated to helping farm animals throughout the US." This paradise on earth for mistreated animals was founded by Megan and Joe Pereira, both trained and experienced animal lovers who work to make the world a little easier for our four-legged friends.

On their passion project, the Pereira's said they are "driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for farm animals." Unlike the average shelter or rescue, Road to Refuge specializes in these typically larger creatures.

Together, along with a team of volunteers, they help with "rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing" horses, sheep, goats, pigs, and other barnyard animals. They are able to operate thanks to donations from their supporters, who follow the rehab of each animal on Road to Refuge's various popular social media channels. 

In July 2022, Road to Refuge was contacted about a 2-month-old mini foal who was in dire need of their intervention. The little horse had been born "with his kneecaps in the wrong spot" and his knees were "at the incorrect angle." Heartbreakingly, this meant that the little one was living with a degree of pain and was in need of extensive urgent orthopedic surgery. Road to Refuge posted a video of the brave little horse doing his best to hobble around a field the best he could, given the deformities in his rear legs. He needed a miracle as well as about $9,000 in medical care. 

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After bringing him home, Road to Refuge was able to get the mini Shetland scheduled for the surgery he needed. His care team, however, wanted to wait until the horse was weaned to move forward with the procedure, meaning the little one, called Turbo, would be hobbling a little longer.

In the meantime, another local business, Walkin' Pets, saw Turbo's story and decided to pitch in to help the wee one. The company specialized in mobility aids, like harnesses and wheelchairs, for animals and rushed over to assess Turbo. They shortly fitted his little body with a set of wheels, which lifted his rear end and allowed the foal to frolic a little more smoothly. Once steadied on his feet, Turbo captured the hearts of viewers everywhere with his strength and will. 

After watching the little foal suddenly be free to move so easily, even Megan said, "Seeing Turbo walk before any assistance and dragging his legs, to being in his cart, I almost started crying ... He was running, bucking – it was all very exciting.” Helping animals like Turbo is part of why Road to Refuge was founded. 

Megan shared how as a mixed animal veterinarian technician, she saw a lot of farm animals that needed help that their owners weren't always able or interested in providing. Now that she's in a position to intervene, she admitted, "I lean towards the special needs ones, the broken ones, the medically intensive cases." Luckily, Turbo's original owners contacted her for guidance on how to best help the little horse and got the sanctuary involved in his case.

With his adorable chariot-like device, Turbo joins a goat called Peaches, who also uses a wheelchair, as part of the road-ready, unstoppable, high-spirited special needs gang at Road to Refuge.

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