Mini Daschund With A Body Similar To A Cow's Gains Fans With His Unique Look

Aug 05, 2020 by apost team

Everyone knows that dogs are adorable. With dozens of different breeds and cross-breeds and mutts to choose from, you can't reasonably say you think all dogs are ugly. One of the most beautiful things about dogs is that, much like humans, there are hundreds of different genetic combinations that can give them tons of different markings and adorable appearances.

In the case of Moo, a seven-month-old Floridian Dachshund puppy, he's extra special. From the neck up, he looks like any regular dachshund. But his entire body is white and black spotted, making him look a bit like a Dalmation (or, according to his owner, a tiny little cow.)

Now, you might be wondering how an adorable little dog like Moo could have such an unusually spotted body. And we agree—this sort of thing is definitely not normal for members of the Dachshund family. You might think there's no way that something like that can happen. Some individuals think, at first glance, that he's wearing a sweater or a costume. Maybe you think his mom had too much fun with the doggy hair dye. None of those are the case, however.

Moo has what is known as piebald fur. It's a genetic trait passed down among generations in animal families. The result is an animal whose coat contains only partial pigmentation. They often have unpigmented sections of the coat, which are white, in some areas, and their traditional coat colors in others. This condition usually covers most of the dog's body. In Moo's case, that means it covers everything from the neck down, giving him a unique and adorable style.

If you still don't believe that Moo is genuinely spotted, check out his Instagram. He has over 13,000 followers. His mother, Victoria, runs the page for him, posting pictures of him enjoying a variety of adventures. In one picture, you can see what the two dub his "famous spotted pink cheeks." It's a picture of the back of Moo's legs, where you can see his natural spotting through his thin fur. Where his fur grows in white, his skin is naturally light pink. In areas where he has his natural Dachshund brown and black coloration, he has dark spots on his skin and in his coat.

Moo is, without a doubt, a unique looking dog. Because of his adorable and unusual appearance, his mom, Victoria, explains that the two will often get stopped while on walks and asked to pose for pictures. Not that we can blame anyone, however, with a dog as cute as Moo, we would want to take pictures too. Plus, he's just got so much energy and personality, you can see it even in the photographs. It's no wonder everyone loves him.

While Moo may not be your average Dachshund, he's definitely adorable. He spends most of his time hanging out with his mom, taking naps on his back, and being adorable. His unique piebald fur, which is relatively uncommon in Dachshunds as a breed, makes him stand out. And, hey, it can be exhausting to be the center of attention all the time. Moo, without a doubt, deserves all the naps and treats he can possibly get.

Do you find Moo as adorable as we do? Have you ever owned a dog that had piebald fur? Were you surprised to find out that Moo's fur is completely real? Let us know what you think about this adorable and spunky little dog in the comments.