Mini Dachshunds Have Funny And Sweet Bathtime Ritual

Jul 04, 2020 by apost team

At the end of a long day, we all enjoy taking a nice, long, and relaxing bath. From a scientific standpoint, there is an abundance of health benefits related to taking a bath. By bathing, we remove the excess oil and dirt from the surface of our skin. However, a soak in the tub helps lower heart rate, blood pressure, and improves mental health as it helps trigger the release of serotonin to the brain.

It's a great way for us to relax and unwind after a hard day. For dogs, though, it can be an overwhelming experience that their owners will dread. In the case of these two mini dachshunds, though, bathtime couldn't be filled with more excitement as they enthusiastically try and get into the bathtub, despite being a little too short, which results in a funny scene to witness.

According to their owner, who goes by Alejandra554, these two pups are absolutely thrilled about bathtime every time thanks to her smart training methods. She caught their bathtime ritual on video for us to watch, and it will make dog owners everywhere jealous of just how easy these two are to bathe.

Before she lets them upstairs, she will prepare the tub for them, filling it with water, and making sure it's nice and warm. Then, she goes downstairs, where she's placed a baby gate.

Both dogs are already eagerly waiting at the bottom of the stairs, practically wiggling with excitement. It's obvious that these guys know exactly what time it is. She asks them, "Do you want to take a bath?" and the excitement increases.

As soon as she opens the gate, the owner is required to run to keep up with these two excited puppies. They make it to the bathroom with surprising speed. Though they're small, dachshunds are surprisingly fast. It may have to do with the fact they were originally bred to hunt for badgers and other tunneling animals. They have to be small and fast to accomplish that.

Once their mom catches up, we see that the first dachshund is trying it's hardest to get into the bathtub, jumping up and missing the edge of the tub a few times. However, after it's third or fourth try, it finally makes it over the edge, scrambling to get it's back feet up as well. Then, splish-splash, it was having a bath.

The second dachshund, however, struggles just a bit more. They have small legs, measuring in at five to six inches tall, on average. It's just not quite tall enough to get its little legs over the edge of the tub, no matter how hard it tries. After a moment, mom comes to give it a boost, and it splashes in beside its sibling as well.

These two are clearly having the time of their lives in the tub. They're up to their shoulders in the water, splashing, playing, and having a good time. Unlike most dogs who will struggle to escape, these two look like they're going to want to stay in forever. Their owner explains that she trained them by giving them kibble when they were in the tub, with warm water that went up only to their knees.

She also made sure the house was a bit warm, as well, so that they were nice and comfortable. Each time she gave them a bath, she increased the water levels. Now, they love their baths–and we're jealous. Bathing dogs can be a real struggle.

Have you ever had a dog that absolutely loved the water like these two? Or do you have a dog that loathes the water, meaning you've got to get an army together to get them clean? Let us know your experiences and what you think of these two's cute reaction to bathtime!