Miner Becomes An Overnight Millionaire After Digging Up Enormous Gemstones

Just this month, a Tanzanian miner named Saniniu Laizer found a pair of rare Tanzanite gemstones, changing his fortunes overnight and turning him into a millionaire.

Through it all, he has committed to staying the same humble person that he has always been and desires to help make his local community a better place for all, by building a school and community shopping center.

Saniniu Laizer is a Tanzanian miner who is also the father of more than 30 children. His life recently took a major turn in a positive direction when he found a pair of prized gemstones. These two gemstones were valued at the amount of £2.4 million. Laizer received the value for the two beautiful gemstones from the government of Tanzania and his story quickly caught on as viewers around the world have marveled at his massive turn of good luck.

The new millionaire plans to celebrate his good fortune by throwing a big party with all of his family members. Perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects of this story is the fact that he has said he does not plan to alter his lifestyle just because he has come into a fortune. His future plans include continuing to look after the 2,000 cows that he owns.


Plans to Use This Good Luck to Make a Difference in the Community

One of the uses that Saniniu Laizer plans to put his new fortune toward is making his local community a better place. His plans for his newfound wealth include building a new community shopping mall and a school for the area's children to study at. He has noted that many people who live in the area do not have enough money to provide their children with an education and he wants to make a difference.

A Pair of Impressive Gemstones

These gemstones that were found by Laizer are called Tanzanite and they are extremely rare. He found two particularly impressive specimens. One of the stones weighed in at 20 pounds, while the other one weighed in at 11 pounds. Both of these were record breakers over the previous largest specimen that weighed in at seven pounds.

A Miner Who Suddenly Found Himself in the Limelight

Out of seemingly nowhere, Saniniu Laizer found himself as a hot topic in the Tanzanian press. His story has also gone worldwide at this point and countless people have marveled at his unique discovery. His discovery landed him on television as he was presented with his payout from the Bank of Tanzania. A large crowd was on hand for the big event and everyone seemed to be thrilled about this unique discovery.

They also seem to be truly happy for the newfound fortune of Saniniu Laizer. He even got a phone call from Tanzania's President John Magufuli. It was quite a day for this miner who claims that he does not intend to let his new wealth change who he is. It is this humble attitude that has really helped to endear Laizer with the countless people around the world that have heard of his amazing story.

What was your reaction when you first heard about the fascinating story of Saniniu Laizer? Where you as thrilled for him as so many others were? Did it warm your heart to hear about how he wishes to make a difference in his local community now that he has this newfound wealth? If this story inspired you, let anyone and everyone know about where they can check it out for themselves!