Military Son Surprises Mom Who Had Lost Her Father, Husband And Even Her Home In Last 2 Years

Dec 30, 2018 by apost team

They say that bad things come in threes, and for Texas mom Teresa Melton-Strader, this was the case up until Christmas Eve. Teresa lost her father in 2015, and then unexpectedly faced the passing of her husband soon after.

The grieving process that comes along with just one death can be taxing, but dealing with cumulative grief (the loss of more than one loved one at a time) takes an even bigger toll on one's mental and emotional state.

If these two life-altering events weren't traumatizing enough, Teresa lost her home to an EF4‎ tornado in 2017 that caused irreparable damage to her property.

With all of these events happening within a period of two years, Teresa certainly isn't a stranger to tragedy.

All of these cataclysmic events lead to Teresa's loved ones searching for a way to bring her joy this holiday season. As luck would have it, her co-workers and close family members knew just what to do.

Teresa has a son, Matthew Melton, who has been stationed at a US Air Force base in the state of Montana. Due to the distance, Teresa and her heroic son are unable to spend as much time together as they would like.

Her family and co-workers at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, TX decided that they would find a way to remedy this situation by bringing Matthew home for an unsuspected visit.

The medical staff at Baylor Hospital pulled Teresa aside during her shift one day and announced that there was an emergency meeting being held. As they brought her to the room that she thought the meeting was being held in, she could hardly grasp what was happening right in front of her.

There was her son, Matthew, standing in his US Air Force uniform waiting to be reunited with her. With Matthew's birthday falling on Christmas Eve each year, Teresa will also get to celebrate her son's birthday with him while he's home.

After facing the most challenging time of her life, Teresa is now able to happily welcome the holidays with her son while knowing how far her loved ones and coworkers will go to make her happy. Would you go out of your way like this for someone you work with? Pass the story onto your own coworkers and see if they can relate to this sentiment.