Middle-Aged Divorcée Finds Out He Has 25 Kids And Agrees To Meet Them All Face-To-Face

When Peter Ellenstein made regular sperm bank donations several decades ago, the purpose was to raise much-needed extra money. At the time, Peter was a struggling, aspiring actor who gave little thought about how his sperm donations would help other people. This all changed recently when an unknown young lady sent a Facebook message to Peter out of the blue.

Back in the ’80s, Peter Ellenstein was a fledgling actor who made regular trips to the sperm bank for some quick cash.

He was an anonymous donor, meaning no one would ever be able to demand the sperm bank disclose his identity. Peter never gave much thought to the children who he was fathering biologically.


Peter later got married, but he and his wife at the time did not have any of their own children. The couple later got divorced.

Fast-forward to Peter today, and you will find a 57-year-old Uber driver who was struggling financially and who regularly picked up various odd jobs to make an extra buck. Without a wife or children, He had a relatively unfulfilling life. This all changed when Rachel contacted him via Facebook.

When Peter made his sperm bank donations decades ago, he instructed the sperm bank not to give out his personal information. Because of this, he never seriously thought about connecting with his biological children.

However, technology advanced over the years to the point that DNA testing could connect people with their long-lost relatives. This is how more than 25 people eventually discovered that Peter was their biological father.

Rachel gave Peter bombshell news. He was her biological father, and she was one of many others who had connected with each other through DNA testing. They collectively worked to discover who their biological father was. Once they discovered who he was and contacted him, they asked to meet him.

Peter was in a state of shock initially, but he eventually agreed to meet the many biological children who he had fathered. The entire group decided to meet up in person for a family reunion unlike any other, and you can watch footage of this family reunion here.

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