Michael J. Fox Speaks On Late Matthew Perry's Comments About Him And Reveals Long Kept Secret

Nov 20, 2023 by apost team

During his lifetime, Hollywood star Matthew Perry was a beloved actor whose enigma on TV will always resonate in the pop culture world. Perry meant a lot to millions of TV fans by virtue of his much-loved role, Chandler Bing, on “Friends,” among many other TV feats. Perry was more than a colleague to his fellow stars, and in the wake of his shocking demise, there was an outpouring of emotions across the entertainment world and beyond. 

In a 2023 interview with ET’s Cassie DiLaura, star actor Michael J. Fox shared some of his warm memories about the late actor while learning of his significance in Perry’s sterling career. Fox had been attending the 2023 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s Gala in New York City. He also let fans in on a never-been-shared-before moment between him and Perry that greatly impacted his Michael J. Fox Foundation. 

As an iconic actor, Perry’s acting prowess contributed to making the 90s sitcom “Friends” a cult classic across generations of TV lovers. While playing Chandler was his most notable role, Perry built his impressive resume with more acting credit in films like “Fools Rush In,” “The Ron Clark Story,” “The Whole Nine Yards,” and “Three to Tango” among others. Perry also extended his expertise to producing when he co-wrote and served as an executive producer for the ABC sitcom “Mr. Sunshine.”

Through the years, the “Ally McBeal” actor amassed an impressive net worth valued at $120 million. Despite the rate of success he witnessed, the late star was plagued with addiction, which he privately battled. It all started after a 1997 accident when he was given Vicodin for the pain. 

Matthew Perry, Michael J. Fox (2000), (George De Sota/Newsmakers/Hulton Archive via Getty Images)

In retrospect, the medication subjected Perry to a feeling he “liked.” Speaking with People in September 2002, the actor relayed, “But from the start, I liked how it made me feel, and I wanted to get more. I was out of control and very unhealthy.” In an interview with New York Times, Perry revealed how he devised gimmicks to get access to the medicine. He went from faking injuries and migraines to getting Vicodin from different doctors.’

However, his tenacity came into play amid his addiction issues as Perry dedicated ample time to recovering, but this was nothing short of an arduous process. The movie star revealed how he spent a whopping $9 million of his net worth on his journey to sobriety. Perry was in and out of rehab centers as well as therapies. Through his fluctuations and setbacks on his way to recovery, Perry was in rehab 15 times. He also underwent a total of 14 stomach-related surgeries. 

Amid his tumultuous journey to cure addiction, one moment exceptionally stood out. It was also Perry’s point of epiphany. The “17 Again” actor suffered a gastrointestinal perforation that left him in a two-week coma. When Perry woke up, he was confined to his hospital bed for five months. Finally able to pull through the cankerworm that took some of his best years, the star heavily invested in initiatives to help others dealing with substance abuse. 

Perry also penned his experiences, struggles and recovery process in his 2022 memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.” The Hollywood sweetheart would pass on almost one year later. On October 28, 2023, news got out that Perry was found unresponsive in a hot tub in his Los Angeles home. He was 54. 


Michael J. Fox (2017), (Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images)

Fox and DiLaura briefly chatted about some of Perry’s precious moments to honor his impactful life. The interviewer recalled a 2022 interview where Perry revealed that Fox was a source of inspiration for him when he was an aspiring actor. He revealed during the interview with Tom Power:

“I was young, I had done a couple of plays in school, and Michael J. Fox was it, man. When I was in ninth grade, Michael J. Fox had just done ‘Back to the Future’…”

He went on gushing about Fox’s success at the time and how his movies were critically acclaimed. Fox did not hold back his appreciation as he returned the favor. He described Perry as “the funniest,” while adding that he was happy he made such an impact on the star. 

He further revealed how they became close, noting their shared interest in hockey. Fox shared, “Matthew and I had spent some time together over the years. He was a hockey player, a good hockey player, and we played hockey together.”

The “Teen Wolf” actor didn’t stop there as he sweetly recalled how Perry once came through for him at the early stages of his foundation. He stated that it was at a time when Perry and his “Friends” co-stars first made their “big sale” on the TV contract. He mentioned:

 “He wrote a big fat check to the foundation. We were really early on and trying to find our feet. And it was such a vote of confidence.”

What was even more fascinating for Fox was how Perry chose to be humble despite the huge donation. He stated that Perry was solely interested in seeing him succeed. 

Isn’t it heartwarming to see Matthew Perry living on in a positive light in the hearts of his colleagues? What are your best memories of watching him on TV? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to other Matthew Perry fans. 

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