Michael Bublé Hands Microphone To Random Fan, Is Shocked By Incredible Sinatra Cover

You never know when you are going to get your special moment on the big stage so you better be ready for it. One young man made the most out of his big opportunity in a dramatic way. Recent Texas A&M grad Andrew Zarrillo was attending a Michael Bublé concert at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, Georgia when he got the thrill of a lifetime.

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Michael has a reputation for asking audience members to come up on stage during his shows to perform. During this particular performance, Michael asked the audience who had a special shower song.

Andrew wildly waved his hands in the air, capturing Michael's attention.

Michael selects Andrew and the aspiring singer walks up to the stage with all of the confidence in the world.


He sings the classic Frank Sinatra song “Fly Me To The Moon” as if he is Ole Blue Eyes himself.

Andrew's beautiful rendition inspires the crowd to roar with applause.

Andrew even takes the time to kiss his girlfriend, Amanda, during the performance.

Michael was clearly impressed by Andrew's performance, joking that he was the next American Idol. Amanda was also tickled by the moment, taking to Instagram to tell the story with much delight and pride in her boyfriend.

We all hope that this was the big break that Andrew was looking for. Now you can also watch the video of this amazing performance.

You will be blown away by Andrew's natural talent. After you have watched the rendition of this song, be sure to spread the magic to everyone else that you know.