Michael Bolton And Seal Sing 'When A Man Loves A Woman' And 'It's a Man's World' In Las Vegas As David Foster Plays Piano

In front of a sold-out crowd at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, David Foster joined Michael Bolton and Seal to perform the pop hits When a Man Loves a Woman and It’s a Man's World in 2010. The performance was part of the concert “Hitman Returns,” which featured a Grammy award-winning lineup of artists from Ne-Yo to Earth, Wind & Fire.

It’s rare that so many talented musicians are on the same stage together accompanied by a full orchestra, but for the PBS television special “Hitman Returns,” which aired back in 2011, the greats joined forces for a knockout performance. The clip begins with a cover of the ‘60s ballad made famous by the late soul legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Percy Sledge — When a Man Loves a Woman. 

The track has a fascinating history that begins at a Mississippi frat house in 1965, according to Rolling Stone. Sledge, who at the time worked full time at a hospital in Alabama, only moonlighted as a singer on weekends. But when Sledge sang When a Man Loves a Woman at that frat house in 1965, he was in the right place at the right time. Record producer Quin Ivy was in the audience. Ivy was so impressed by Sledge’s velvety voice and the Alabama singer’s original ballad that he asked him to come by the studio. And as they say, the rest is history. 


Sledge released When a Man Loves a Woman as his debut single in 1966 on Atlantic Records, and the song rocketed to the level of mainstream success, hitting number one on the Hot 100 Chart, according to Rolling Stone. From then on, R&B fans across the country knew When a Man Loves a Woman as Sledge’s track. But as the decades passed, as stars rose and fell, a new standard-bearer emerged: Michael Bolton. Bolton breathed new life into the track, turning it into another hit in 1991.

And Bolton’s energy, his undeniable strength as one of America’s most versatile singers, is undeniably present during PBS’ “Hitman Returns” concert in 2010. But in a comical but welcomed twist, Seal appears on stage and interrupts Bolton’s performance, saying, “Wow, Michael. You know that was pretty sensational, but I have a slightly different take on things.” The grammy-award winning British singer sets his own microphone stand down and begins to sing It’s a Man’s World. Despite Bolton’s great performance, the audience clearly approves of the impromptu switch.  

And throughout both performances, we can’t forget the 16-time Grammy award-winner David Foster, who supports both musicians from behind the grand piano. For those who aren’t familiar with Foster’s work, he is the Canadian mastermind and composer behind musicians like Michael Bublé and Rod Stewart, according to Foster’s website. In fact, for fans of Bublé, he was instrumental in discovering the artist and launching his career. In other words, Foster is one of the musical greats, and with his dynamic piano accompaniment, he makes Michael Bolton and Seals' performances really stand out.

To fully enjoy the spectacle of two stellar performances and three incredible musicians all on the same stage, it’s worth putting on a good set of cans, cranking the volume and checking out the video in full.  

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