Methodists Children's Hospital In Texas Sends Babies Home In Stockings For Christmas

Dec 05, 2019

Two of the most magical times are when a new baby is born and Christmas. What could be more adorable than the sight of a baby in a Christmas stocking? This idea has prompted the Methodists Children's Hospital in Texas to uphold a tradition of swaddling infants in the iconic stocking during the holiday. 

It's that time of year once again, and most people are already getting their shopping lists together to take advantage of those early sale events. Some people feel that, as the song says, it's the most wonderful time of year. However, some people feel that the holiday is over-commercialized, and the meaning of the holiday is obscured by a lot of needless practices. 

One thing that could cure the Grinch inside of some people is babies at Christmas. Seeing a baby in a cute outfit is likely to put a smile on the face of the most jaded people. The Methodist Children's Hospital likes to celebrate the holidays with their own Santa. The babies who are born on the same day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, get a special treatment.

Historians believe that Jesus was born in the spring, but the babies who are born on the 25th of December are still given special attention to the national holiday that celebrates Christ's birth. Even though newborns don't make sounds of joy and cheer when they arrive at Christmas, the hospital staff love to celebrate these tiny new people. Volunteers line the newborns in a decorative arrangement and dress them up in red stocking outfits.

The task is not always easy because the babies are not always willing to hold still. Dressing up one baby might not be too difficult, but it can be a challenge handling several tykes at once. The costumed newborns are displayed in a Christmas tree arrangement.

Another part of the task is to keep track of the identity of each child as they are being arranged and moved into formation. This Christmas dress-up tradition is not the only one of its kind in hospitals. There is also a hospital that likes to dress up newborns as Mr. Rogers on World Kindness Day.

The idea of dressing a baby in the iconic cardigan sweater and tie of the well-known television personality is a unique one, to say the least.

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