Method Called "The Hold" Soothes Crying Babies Demonstrated By Pediatrician

A crying baby can get to us all. Their anguished peals are unable to be translated so we end up trying to do everything we can to calm them down. Sometimes, no matter what you try, it isn't enough to soothe them. But, there are people that swear by a certain technique to soothe a crying baby, developed by Dr. Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics. Productions

Dr. Hamilton has been sharing his secret baby soothing moves with patients for years, as reported here at the International Business Times. So, Dr. Hamilton decided to create a video fully explaining the method and what you need to do in order to calm a baby down. The technique works for infants of all ages and sizes.

Hamilton shows the four step method in his video, quickly calming a crying little one down as soon as he got the baby in position. Hamilton begins by holding the infant face down with a hand on the baby's bottom and the other on the chest. The baby's hands are folded together across the chest and held with one hand, gently, with fingers holding the child's chin for support. Then the hand that is holding the baby's bottom does all the work.

Holding the baby in your hands away from you, lay the baby at a 45 degree angle so that they are looking down at the ground but the head is still up. Begin rocking back and forth to calm the child, and then use the hand on the baby's bottom to wiggle or gently shake their bottom back and forth. This wiggle move almost immediately calms the baby down, but you should continue rocking them in an up and down motion.

Parents everywhere have found success in this method. If it worked for you and your little one, pass it on to other moms, dads and carers out there.