Men Spend An Average Of 7 Hours Per Year Hiding In The Bathroom To Get Some 'Peace And Quiet'

Oct 02, 2018 by apost team

When it comes to getting their alone time, men do what they can to spend a few seconds by themselves. Men go to great lengths to find some peace and quiet, including spending seven hours ever year holed up in the bathroom.

In a recent poll, 1,000 British men reported that they spend several minutes in the bathroom for some time by themselves. The main reasons these men hide is to avoid 'nagging' partners, escape chores, and hide from their kids.

The researchers discovered that these men spent an annual total of seven hours in the bathroom.

Imagine it: men retreating to the bathroom to spend a few minutes or hours scrolling through their phones, closing their eyes, or simply staring at the ceiling. Why do they do it? Even more interesting, why do they choose the bathroom?

In addition to getting their quiet time, the British men that use their bathroom as a safe haven do it to save their mental health. When escaping from the stressors of family life, men find that a little time to themselves is invaluable.

Commissioned by Pebble Grey, this research discovered that only one in every 10 bathroom visits is interrupted. Out of the year, men find that only 171 of their 7 hours of bathroom time is disturbed, allowing them to spend the rest of those hours truly by themselves.

The bathroom is the haven of choice for men because it's a way to shut off the world.

Much like a sanctuary, closing the bathroom door is a way to put the outside world on pause. Though the bathroom may seem like an odd choice, it's effective.

With the constant interruptions of home life, be it a partner or eager children, men often need a way to escape--even for a moment.

25% of the men in the study reported that their partners aren't aware or don't appreciate how busy they are. 45% of these men said even trying to find alone time is incredibly challenging.

25% of the men even reported that they wouldn't know how to cope if they didn't have their regular escapes to the bathroom.

What's more, 1/4 of the men in the study described the bathroom as a place of refuge and their 'safe place'.

What do you think? Know a guy that spends too much time in the bathroom? Are you worried you're the one that's driving him there? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below!