Men Only Become Adults At Age 54

Dec 07, 2015 by apost team

A recent survey concludes that men's lives now 'begin at 54' given the financial worries and the pressures of late fatherhood.

George Doyle/Thinkstock/Istock We've all heard the saying that life begins at 40, but a survey reveals that modern men don't feel grown up until the age of 54. It is only at this age that they finally start enjoying life and feeling like a "real adult". Hair transplant centre Crown Clinic in Manchester conducted this study with 1,000 men. The participants felt "settled and secure" at the age of 54. They indicated that they took longer than the previous generations because of money pressures and late fatherhood. The average age for a first-time dad is 32. The survey also brought to light the insecurities that prevent men from feeling "settled": some of these insecurities are physical imperfections, money troubles and loneliness. The biggest fear highlighted by the participants was the inability to own their first home in the wake of the rising property prices. This was followed by the worry of losing hair and the concern of losing their job. Ill health and being overweight were also listed in the top ten reasons. Asim Shahmalak, a hair transplant surgeon at the Crown Clinic said, "It's not surprising that life doesn't begin at 54." "We are all living far longer and, with living costs spiralling and fatherhood by being off by so many, men are inevitably going to take longer to feel settled.”