Men In Tutus Emerge For Christmas Performance & Immediately Their Routine Has Crowd Hysterical

Christmas is the season for laughter, fun, and family celebrations. It seems as if everywhere you go this time of year there is a hilarious show or musical taking place.

These shows are great for families to attend and always puts a smile on the faces of children.

Individuals that were fortunate enough to see the Nutcracker Ballet by Desert Star benefitted from more than a show of holiday spirit. It was also a show all in attendance will remember forever.

The show began with a man wearing a long-sleeved red shirt, a green tie, and white tutu strolling onto the stage. The crowd laughed immediately. Three more men in matching costumes soon joined him and the laughs from the crowd became hysterical.

The four men resembled nothing close to Nutcracker ballerinas anyone had seen during previous Christmas seasons.

The men entertained the crowd with a hilarious dance routine. The dance moves were awesome in a comical sort of way.

Another surprise would soon come for the crowd when the men revealed what was beneath their tutus. It was no big deal that the men wore plaid boxers under their tutus. The surprise came when one of the dancers turned away from the crowd and revealed his rear end. The laughter was riotous at this point.

The parody was a success and the dancers were proud of their performance. It was definitely not a typical Nutcracker performance. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the show, however. The actors were not professional dancers but did an amazing job.

Allison Cox was the choreographer. She said it took more work than normal to come up with the choreography for the show but it is one of her most memorable jobs. She added that preparing four men without dance experience to perform a show with heavy dance content was a real challenge.

The true winners were the audience. The enjoyment of the experience showed clearly on every face in the building. One mother said it was the funniest thing she had ever seen.

December 18, 1892, was the date of the first Nutcracker performance. The performance was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the Imperial Mariinsky Theater. The two-act ballet is a fairytale that chronicles the Christmas celebration of a family.

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