Meghan Markle's Former Personal Trainer Talks About 'Sympathetic' Duchess

May 22, 2020 by apost team

Jorge Blanco, who was formerly Meghan Markle's personal fitness trainer, worked with the former Suits actress while she lived in Toronto, Canada. He describes Meghan as 'sympathetic' and enjoyed working with her because of it.

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Meghan Markle's former personal trainer has revealed what life was really like working for the Duchess of Sussex. “I trained Meghan when she was in Toronto during the shooting of the series Suits,” Jorge Blanco told Spanish Vanity Fair.

Blanco lives in Toronto, Canada, and trained Meghan in martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing. "I never really thought she could end up being a princess," he added. "I had a great time training with her because she’s super nice and speaks Spanish, with an Argentine accent.”

Jorge, originally from Zaragoza in Spain, said the pair would regularly converse in Spanish to each other, but said Meghan spoke with an Argentinian accent. This is likely due to the fact that she did an internship at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires at the age of 20 and spent a semester in Madrid.

The personal trainer described the royal as "sympathetic," a quality of hers that made his time training with the Duchess enjoyable.

According to Daily Mail, the Spaniard also works with Chirs Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, Drake, and Robert Pattinson. He added that he spends half the month traveling the world to see workout with his famous clients. 

Besides the high-intensity workouts, Meghan has expressed a strong passion for yoga, in a 2015 interview with Best Health magazine. "Yoga is my thing. My mom is a yoga instructor, and I started doing mommy-and-me yoga with her when I was seven. I was very resistant as a kid, but she said, 'Flower, you will find your practice—just give it time' In college, I started doing it more regularly."

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Meghan always appears to be in great shape. What do you think about Meghan's choice of workout activities? Pass this story along to your friends and family and maybe organize an online workout session together!