Meghan Markle Gives Fans A Peek Inside Her And Prince Harry’s $14 Million Santa Barbara Mansion

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

After the glamorous wedding followed by a baby, Prince Harry was ready to move out of the Queen’s house. Meghan Markle recently showed a glimpse of their new Santa Barbara home, but that wasn’t intentional. She recently held a video chat with three ladies from Smart Works, her clothing charity. Through the chat, fans had a glimpse of the $14 million mansion.

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Meghan Markle, 39, moved to California with her husband, Prince Harry, and their son, Archie. Even after moving to California and leaving royal duties behind, the Duchess of Sussex has remained part of the charity projects run by the Queen. She loves charity, and according to her, the clothes give more to a person than what is seen from outside. She feels that the clothes make one physically attractive, but they also make the wearers happy and confident and that is what matters to her.

She believes that the clothes give the wearers confidence to walk into an interview room or any other corporate place. In the video chat that showed fans a peek into their new home, Meghan Markle had on a light brown top with a white blazer with her hair made into a side ponytail. She has light makeup on which makes her look as radiant and as beautiful as ever.

Besides the talk with her clients and her great look, fans saw a glimpse into her new Santa Barbara mansion. If the glimpse is anything to go by, the home looks posh. In the video, there is a stone fireplace behind Meghan with a small lamp and a black and white print hanging above the fireplace. There is also a tall window on her right and a tree in a pot growing towards the window. The walls feature a crisp white color with a beautiful skirting board that speaks of California beauty.

It's hard to take a lot away from the peek into the house as Meghan did not show much and the camera did not move during the video. However, the small glimpse shows that Meghan and Prince Harry have great taste from the fireplace, the tree, and the large window. The house appears to have a great blend of vintage and modern styles, and it also carries the California vibe with it. Perhaps fans will have more glimpses in future videos and photos that Meghan might upload.

Her charity capsule collection started in September 2019, and she was celebrating its one year anniversary on the video call with three other women, reports Express. To her, the video call was not only about their one-year anniversary but also a way to celebrate women and their achievements. She started by saying that sometimes women might forget their skills and their assets, and that is when they need someone to point out their achievements. She continues to note that women volunteering with Smart Works help point out what exists in other women and helping them find their place and their strength.

The four women had a candid discussion for an extended period. They discussed Smart Works, but the largest part of the discussion was about women and the role they have in growing each other and society. At the end of the video chat, women fans felt empowered as seen in the comments on the Instagram video.

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