Meet Wiley, The Cute And Adorable Dalmatian Dog With A Heart On His Nose

Lexi Smith has been enchanted with Dalmatians since she first saw the movie 101 Dalmatians as a small child. When she got older, this Denver, Colorado resident got a Dalmatian of her own and named it Wiley. Wiley was born in Oklahoma before he moved to Colorado to his new home with Lexi.

Dalmatians stand out from a crowd because of their black spots on a white coat. Wiley stands out even more because he has a heart-shaped spot on his nose. Because of this sweet feature, Wiley has gained 136,000 followers on Instagram, who can’t resist the dog and his unique good looks.

Lexi fell in love with her new dog at first sight. When the pup was handed to her, her eyes clouded up. Lexi chose Wiley from among 11 puppies, eight of whom were males. Wiley hadn’t developed the heart around his nose at that point, however. Still, to Lexi, Wiley was the pick of the litter.

When Lexi picked up the puppy destined to be a friend for life, the tiny pup snuggled right into her arms right away. She fell in love immediately with her first pick of the litter. Lexi saw the puppy’s sweet temperament and chose the cute puppy. She wanted a cuddly dog, and that’s precisely what she got. The breeder also told her that all the puppy did was sleep, eat, and snuggle.

Finding an appropriate name that suited Wiley was the next task Lexi needed to perform. She saw the right name when she visited her parents in Greely, Colorado. She went through a list of names and thought that Wiley matched her new dog perfectly. Wiley is now the perfect model for Lexi’s growing interest and skill in photography.

Within a month of sharing some of her first pictures of Wiley, Lexi gained 20,000 followers on Instagram. By March of 2019, Wiley and Lexi had 136,000 fans. And that number continues to grow.

Wiley is not always perfectly behaved. But he does love physical contact and snuggles, and he is a wonderful companion, which makes him the ideal pet for Lexi.

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