Matteo Bocelli Is Following In His Father's Footsteps — Try Not To Swoon As He Sings Elvis Song

The Bocelli name will forever be associated with music thanks to the famous Andrea Bocelli who became known worldwide for his operatic skill after singing The Prayer with Celine Dion. Now, his son Matteo Bocelli is carrying on his father's legacy with his own powerful singing that is already wooing audiences everywhere. Matteo's talent is on display in this 2018 video in which he performs Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender.

The Italian Andrea Bocelli rose to fame in the opera world as a skilled and talented tenor. He broke into mainstream music in 1998 when he performed The Prayer as a duet with Celine Dion. Since then, he has gained popularity in the adult contemporary genera by combining his stunning operatic skill with songs the general public finds accessible and enjoyable.

Andrea is a proud father as well as a talented singer. He has three children who all seem to have inherited his love of music. His oldest son Amos has even performed on Andrea's album Si, playing the piano for the songs Sono Qui (I Am Here) and Ali di libertà (Wings of Freedom).

Andrea married Veronica Berti in 2014, according to Classic FM. She soon became his second wife and together they had Virginia, the only daughter in the family. Andrea and Virginia can often be seen having fun together on his Instagram.

It looks like his middle child, though, will be the one emulating his father's singing career. Matteo Bocelli performed the single Fall On Me as a duet with Andrea for his album Si. This became the song Matteo is most famous for. He also recorded vocals for Ven a Mi from the same album.

Previously, Matteo had been content to play the piano like his older brother. In 2016, though, Andrea's wife — who also works as his manager — asked him if he had ever heard Matteo sing, according to UDiscoverMusic. When he did, he helped launch his son's vocal career, and Matteo has since performed in various venues and gained a lot of popularity through his YouTube videos.

The most popular video by far shows Matteo singing Love Me Tender. His father had also performed the song in the past with Amos accompanying him on the piano. However, Matteo was able to really make the song his own, even though he video that has gained over half a million views is actually a warmup; Matteo isn't even in full-on performance mode!

It's clear the video has been recorded on a phone; you can see unrelated activity going on in the background, including a random video playing on the screen behind him and a man who is checking the equipment.

Despite this, Matteo absolutely kills his performance while being accompanied by David Foster — the man who wrote The Prayer. It's no question that Matteo has an incredible voice, whether singing full tilt or just warming up. The fact that he's handsome surely helps his popularity too though! One fan commented: “It goes without saying that he’s got great voice! But OMG so handsome. I’m in love." Another comment went on to say: “I am SO so SO so SO glad there’s another Bocelli! Amazing, have no idea what we did to deserve another Bocelli but let’s not take it for granted!”

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