Mastiff Performs Agility Course At His Own Pace

Nov 29, 2019

There's an old adage that says running a race slower and steadier will always beat a quicker and hasty pace. The truth behind the statement lies in the fact that more mistakes are often made when things are rushed. When something is done carefully and consciously, it's more likely to be done well.

While this saying only exists in the human world, it certainly applies to nature too. Zeus, the giant Mastiff is the perfect example.

Zeus recently attended the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show which was hosted in Denver, Colorado. This Mastiff had no problem acing the cuteness portion of the show, but he was a little more nervous about the agility part. You see, Zeus isn't as quick as he used to be. His large size also makes it more difficult to jump, crawl, and run when compared to smaller breeds. With the help of his trainer, Zeus completes the course one step at a time. He moves at his own pace and tackles each obstacle with tenacity and confidence.

In the video, Zeus can be seen approaching a long tube as the first obstacle. He enters without hesitation and comes out on the other end looking ready for the next step. He clears the first hurdle without any issues. With his confidence built up, he approaches the second hurdle and lands perfectly without any issue. Zeus moves deliberately through the next set of hurdles without any problems. After a lot of jumping, Zeus' brain is put to work when weaving in and out of the poles. He nails the challenge and goes immediately to another tube.

After that, Zeus is faced with another series of hurdles. He clears the first two and just scrapes the third which causes the bar to fall. This experienced canine doesn't let a little slip-up ruin his entire routine though. He moves on with determination and grit. Sure enough, he clears the next three hurdles without any issue. He's not phased by the tiny mistake. With cheers from his trainer and a round of applause from the audience, Zeus finishes like a champion.

He may be a little older and a littler larger than his other opponents, but Zeus isn't afraid to try. He gave each obstacle his best effort and ended up completing the entire course with a respectable score.

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