Massive Maine Coon Sleeps Alongside Baby In Heartwarming Clip

Jul 07, 2020 by apost team

In a video posted on June 20th, 2020, Milo the Maine coon cat was captured cuddling with baby Mia as she was sound asleep in bed. At some point, it even seem like Milo dozed off with Mia to share a sweet little nap together. The family of the two, from Lancashire, England, have both a Youtube channel and an Instagram page dedicated to their life with their pets, which includes two giant Alaskan Malamute dogs. 

Meet Milo

Milo is a Maine Coon cat. He's large and fluffy with gorgeous gray and white striping. He was enjoying life as a favorite pet until someone new came to live in his home.

Milo Meets Mia

One day, Milo was enjoying all the pampering a cat could when Mia arrived. Mia is his human companions' baby. When she arrived, Milo was wary of her.

Wary To Warmth

Although their relationship got off to a slow start, Milo soon warmed to having a human baby. Mia soon became Milo's obsession, and he began following her everywhere. This included his favorite place: her blankets.


As is true for many cats, Milo looks for the warmest location in the house. Once he discovered Mia's blankets, he soon became her constant companion. After all, this little one had such warm and soft bedclothes.

Side By Side

Bedding down next to Mia has become one of Milo's favorite things to do. He generously shares the blankets with Mila. Sleeping side by side is the best way to rest.

Belly Up

When nap time hits, Milo doesn't just sleep in a circle or next to Mia's feet as a typical cat would nap. The giant Maine Coon typically matches Mia's sleep posture. He even sleeps on his back as humans do.

Hugs And Cuddles

Milo has been spotted on his side with his paws wrapped around his human baby sister. In addition to spooning with her, Milo also sometimes sleeps with his paws on Mia's face as if petting her. Whichever way he chooses to embrace her, it's clear that Milo loves cuddling with Mia.

True Happiness

Milo doesn't just look good while sleeping with Mia. He sounds marvelous. The gentle giant surrounds his little lady with a king-sized purr as they doze the day away. Loud and frequent purring shows that Milo is genuinely happy in his role as Mia's companion.

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