Martha Stewart's New TV Show "Martha Knows Best" Will Have Fans Follow Her Inside Her New York Farm

Jun 29, 2020 by apost team

The well-loved television personality and lifestyle expert Martha Stewart may be 78 years old already, but she is far from retiring. The home and lifestyle guru will be getting a new HGTV show, titled Martha Knows Best, set to air later this year. It will focus on many aspects of modern living and will be aired from her farmstead in Bedford, New York.

On, Stewart stated that:

"I am thrilled to be partnering with HGTV on Martha Knows Best and sharing everything I have been working on at my home during quarantine. The show focuses on many aspects of everyday living and home keeping with the goal to teach and inspire viewers to incorporate what works for them into their own homes."

She also let it be known that she is not going to be abandoning the judges' panel on Chopped, a Food Network show, and will additionally also be headlining another as of yet unnamed show with a holiday theme.

Speaking for Discovery, Inc., HGTV's parent company, Kathleen Finch went on to add that:

"Her skills, expertise and ability to connect with audiences in a fun, and sometimes cheeky, way is a good thing, but the best thing about Martha is that she makes everyone believe that they can try her tips and ideas in their own kitchens and gardens too."

Stewart's DIY and "try it at home" attitude is certainly one thing her longtime fans love most about her. From cooking to decorating your home to organizational tips, everything can be easily recreated or tried by those watching her shows.

The show will be airing from Stewart's Bedford, New York, farmstead and estate. For at least some parts it will follow the famous host as she completes "outdoor projects on the to-do list." Among the many things to be found on her estate, Steward's farmstead is home to a variety of animals, including chickens, a flock of geese, a few turkeys, Black Welsh mountain sheep, and Sicilian donkeys. Not to forget a good-sized pantry filled with absolutely all necessary items for cooking and baking up a storm.

Nicholas Hunt/WireImage/Getty Images

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