Martha Stewart's Daughter Responded With Just One Word To Her Mom's Swimsuit Cover At 81

May 31, 2023 by apost team

Once the news broke that Martha Stewart, the queen of home entertaining, would be featured in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, the world was abuzz with surprise. However, for Martha's daughter, Alexis Stewart, the announcement didn't faze her in the least. 

In an interview with Variety, Martha shared that she had consulted her daughter before accepting the offer. Alexis responded by saying it's simply "cool" for her 81-year-old mother to be posing in a swimsuit for a magazine. Her daughter's supportive reaction was the best response Martha could have hoped for. 

Alexis, who was born in 1965, is the lifestyle guru's only child with her ex-husband Andrew Stewart. Martha was married to Andrew from 1961 to 1990. Their daughter has quite the resume much like her mother, and she works on radio and television. 

From 2005 to 2010, Alexis was a co-host on the lifestyle radio show "Whatever Alexis and Jennifer" with Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and the duo also published a book together. In "Whateverland: Learning to Live Here," Martha said that Alexis does not take her advice because she has her own mind and would rather not follow in the footsteps of her famous mother.  

In that same book, Alexis claimed that she had a difficult time with her mother's hands-on parenting because Martha wanted perfection. Despite their conflicts due to the fact they both claim to be opinionated, the mother and daughter maintain a close bond, and Alexis takes it hard when people criticize Martha, per People.

Alexis has two children thus making Martha a fulfilled grandmother. In 2019, Martha told Today that her grandchildren are smart, healthy, lovely and advanced because they have a "perfect mother" in Alexis. 

Martha Stewart (2023), (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

While most people might have a different reaction if their own mothers were asked to pose for a swimsuit issue, Alexis's open-mindedness and unwavering support shone through. She understood that Martha deserved to pursue opportunities that made her happy, regardless of societal expectations or age. 

"She said, 'Cool.' She didn’t say, 'Are you crazy?' I thought that was the best response,” Martha said.

It was a testament to their strong bond as a mother and daughter. After Martha broke the news to her daughter, Alexis then pulled out some old bathing suits for her mom to try. This was how Martha knew that her daughter was truly OK with her Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover

However, the 81-year-old businesswoman acknowledged that even though she may feel confident in her own skin, she still had reservations about showcasing her body to the world. Age should never limit someone from feeling beautiful or embracing their sensuality, and Martha hoped that her inclusion in the issue would inspire other women to challenge societal norms and redefine their own potential.

Martha was also asked about the possibility of posing for Playboy, but she firmly stated that she would never consider it. 

"No, I would never have done Playboy because I found that a very improper magazine because I was brought up a prude," Martha added.

Martha also stated that she had a lot of say with the swimsuit cover and knew that she would not do the shoot if they had her wear a "fuddy-duddy bathing suit." She also didn't have a hard time projecting onto the camera because Martha used to model before she started her lifestyle empire.

Martha Stewart and daughter (2006), (Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Throughout her Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover experience, Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis Stewart, remained a pillar of support. What can you say about her relationship with her famous mom? Do you know someone who loves the lifestyle superstar? Tell them about this story! 

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